The four major chambers of commerce condemn the violent destruction and challenge the challenge of “one country, two systems"

The four major chambers of commerce condemn the violent destruction and challenge the challenge of “one country, two systems"

On the National Day of this year, there were violent demonstrations in various districts of Hong Kong. The four major chambers of commerce in Hong Kong issued separate statements yesterday to condemn the violence. The statements of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong strongly condemn the violence and sabotage that took place on October 1. As a result, many shops and restaurants were forced to suspend business due to security risks, and more businesses and enterprises. And the buildings were destroyed by amnesty, damaging Hong Kong’s international reputation. The Hong Kong Real Estate Developers Association also criticized the demonstrators for damaging public facilities and government agencies, challenging the principle and bottom line of “one country, two systems", and explicitly supporting the government and the police to strictly enforce the law and stop the violence, but at the same time condolences to the middle school students who were injured by gunshot wounds and family. Our reporter

After the demonstrations on National Day, various districts in Hong Kong were in ruins. Many chambers of commerce in Hong Kong issued a statement yesterday. The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce strongly condemns the serious violence and sabotage that broke out on October 1 and caused Hong Kong to be in chaos. Many shops, restaurants and businesses have become targets of extreme radicals, and they have been devastated by the ravages, and thousands of shops have been forced to close.

The extreme radicals’ disregard of the law and discipline not only undermines Hong Kong’s reputation as an international financial centre, but also jeopardizes the livelihoods of thousands of SMEs and the general public. The Chamber of Commerce calls on all parties to exercise restraint, stop to think about the best plan for the future of society, say no to violence, and start a peaceful dialogue.

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The Construction Chamber of Commerce strongly condemned the riots on the National Day in various districts across Hong Kong. The statement said that the demonstrators not only ruined public facilities, government agencies, but also ruined shops, attacked the police, seriously undermined social peace and the rule of law, and challenged the principle and bottom line of “one country, two systems." The Chamber of Commerce supports the government and the police to strictly enforce the law and stop the violence. However, the statement also mentioned that the violent impact of the police force caused the demonstrators to be injured by gunshot wounds, and extended deep condolences to the injured middle school students and their families, wishing for a speedy recovery.

The manufacturer will refer to the fact that October 1 is the big day of the National Day. It is supposed to be a national jubilation. However, many shopping malls have been forced to close because of the security risks of radical protests. Many MTR stations have to be closed, and the city is almost in trouble. status. Vendors are concerned about the level of violence of demonstrators and the signs of further escalation and loss of control. The manufacturers will again strongly condemn the demonstrators for ignoring the laws and regulations, including illegal assembly, roadblocking, building damage, arson and attacking police officers. They cannot tolerate Hong Kong as an international city of the rule of law, civilization and security, and gradually become a violent conflict. The battlefield, therefore, supports the police to severely punish the use of violent people in accordance with the law to protect the safety and property of the general public.

The Federation of Trade Unions also said that Hong Kong is currently facing downward pressure on the economy. If violence or disruption of social order continues, it will only worsen the weak market and damage the image of the international city. Ultimately, no one in Hong Kong will benefit. The Federation of Trade Unions believes that the rule of law is the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s success. It urges and supports the SAR Government to take the initiative to take legal measures to stop the chaos and protect the lives and property of Hong Kong people. Violence has never been the solution to the problem, and all parties need to release goodwill and compromise at the same time.