AVA 228 plus 30 people raised about 3%

AVA 228 plus 30 people raised about 3%

Hong Kong Wenhui News (Reporter Yan Lule) AVA 228, a company developed by senior investor Luhua family, yesterday pushed a new price list involving 30 units, with an average price of 19,881 yuan. According to sales arrangements, The batch will be released on Wednesday (February 27).

The new price list has a usable area of ​​151 square meters to 239 square meters. The price discount is unchanged. The maximum discount is 12%. The discounted price is 2,831,800 yuan to 4,671,900 yuan. The price is from 18,229 yuan to 22,818 yuan.

Changsha Bay AVA 228 sold 82 people in the first round on Friday, and about 48 people were thrown out. The developer decided to hit the hot iron and push 30 people. The entrance unit is the D room on the 3rd floor. The practical area is 151 square meters. 2,831,800 yuan. If the new batch of units is compared with the previous price list, it is reported that the increase is about 3%. The project will upload sales arrangements on the same day and will carry out the second round of sales on Wednesday (27th).

Shangyuan 1 gang and two-bedroom households were ordered

In addition, Vanke (Hong Kong)’s Tuen Mun Shun Yuen has recorded a further order. According to the transaction record book, Room D, 10th Floor, Block 3A, Room 569, with a saleable area of ​​569 square feet, separated by two rooms, originally on February 13 Sold for 6.026 million yuan, but the buyer has recently ordered, it is expected that the developer will confiscate the deposit of 5% more than 300,000 yuan. On the sale of Shangyuan in October last year, it has sold about 610 people, and about 17 cases have been recorded.

Since the AVA 228 was launched on Friday, it was not counted in the first-hand trading volume of the weekend, and the new disk was only available for sale at the end of the week. The large-scale new disk has not yet appeared, dragging down only 60 cases in the past two days.