Kwun Tong land resumption deadline expires on Thursday Yu Yue Fang merchants stay behind

Kwun Tong land resumption deadline expires on Thursday Yu Yue Fang merchants stay behind

The Kwun Tong Redevelopment Project has been delayed for many years. The Urban Renewal Authority has made a special relocation compensation plan for the illegal structures of the Fifth Development Zone (Yumin Square) last year. The recipients of the scheme must move forward on Thursday. Out. Some reporters said that the program was unfairly rejected. Some knifesmiths graduated earlier than yesterday. They reviewed the 43 years of sharpening their careers. The most memorable ones in the 1980s were tattooed Hanbu beef knives.

Last year, the URA made a special relocation compensation plan for the illegal structures. The users of the schemes must leave before the end of this Thursday. Otherwise, they will be reclaimed by reference to the law. Many shops in Yuemin Square have been closed, but there are still a few merchants who refuse to leave. Among them, Mr. Lai has indicated that he has not accepted the plan for more than 50 years. He thinks that the URA has calculated the compensation method unfairly, “𠵱 The calculation method, the degree (reporting file) should be counted as Yuminfang, but it is counted in my inner lane, and there are many cases in which the case is counted. He said that he will still operate after the deadline of the Kyrgyzstan on Thursday. He is not worried about being “lifted away". “If you have a fair procedure, I will block the development of the channel and have a net system for money."

“I hope that there will be a scene of raising people."

The Guantang family, which covers an area of ​​nearly 3,000 square feet, will not leave. The person in charge, Mr. Zhuang, said that due to the lack of consensus between the owners and the URA, it is estimated that they will move away at the end of this year. He continued to refer to some of the guests as thinking that the shop would leave quickly and would not order furniture and influence business. The shop tried another. Bunks, but the rent is nearly doubled, and may be rented or converted in the future.

Many merchants who accepted the plan cut the price and cleared the goods. Mr. Knife, the knifeman, finished earlier yesterday. Guan 43 years ago, he helped his father to look at the files in Yumin Square. He is now the only sharpening master in the district. He said that in the heyday of the 1970s and 1980s, he had to grind 30 knives a day. Friends." Guan said that many recent customers have come to express their condolences and sharpening their knives. Because they are not willing to go to the neighborhood, they will continue to operate in Kaihui Market.

The district organisation “Live in Kwun Tong" held a farewell exhibition at Yue Man Square yesterday and exhibited a number of old photos and workshops in Kwun Tong. The founder of the organization, Yuan Zhiren, said that there were about 10 illegal structures that did not accept the plan. The URA was urged to continue consultations with them after the deadline, “I hope that there will be a scene of lifting the people." He continued that there were about five official shops with title in the Yue Man Square and five unlicensed craftsmen were not included in the compensation scheme. The Administration should arrange as soon as possible and assist the craftsmen in seeking to issue hawker licences to the FEHD. Wei Zhicheng, the administrative director of the URA, said in the blog that 99 of the 116 illegal structures users accepted the plan and 13 operators chose to move back to the new mall to continue their operations. After the deadline, the URA will continue to follow up. Users and licensed vendors who have not accepted the program.