The low market price of Huangpu Haunted House is 30%

The low market price of Huangpu Haunted House is 30%

Recently, second-hand housing transactions have rebounded, and some housing estates have begun to lose market, and purchasing power has shifted to the alternative market. The Hung Hom Whampoa Garden has just recorded a murderous home transaction. The three-bedroom price is as low as $8 million.

The agent said that Huangpu Garden’s trading volume was buoyant. 12 transactions were temporarily recorded this month, including 12 high-rise E rooms in Phase 12, practical 761 square meters, three rooms separated, just changed hands with 8 million yuan, and the price was 10,512 yuan. It is known that the unit has been burned as a murderous case many years ago, and this time the cost is about 30% lower than the market price of about 11 million yuan.

Followed by the two-storey B-room of the 8th floor of Tsing Yi Mei Garden, the practical 432 square, the transaction price is 4.35 million yuan, the price is 10,069 yuan, and the low market price is about 15%. The agent in the district revealed that many years ago, someone died of a heart attack. The high-rise F room of the 7th floor of Qingyi Garden in the same district belongs to the same floor of the murderous house. The utility model is 343 square meters. It has just been sold for 4.9 million yuan, with a price of 14,296 yuan and a low market price of about 5%. The agent said that some people in the same floor had been killed by a neck.

The two-family room in the middle floor of Room 7 of Yingwan Park in Tung Chung is a practical 548 square plaque. It was originally sold at 6.3 million yuan, reduced to 6 million yuan and changed to $10,949. The seller bought it at 5.98 million yuan in October 2017, and the book only earned 20,000 yuan, and the cost of the plan was nearly 300,000 yuan. Since the seller held the goods for less than 3 years, the 10% additional stamp duty involved in the transaction involved 600,000 yuan, but was paid by the buyer.

Xindu City sold more than 10 million yuan

The property market is picking up. The top ten housing estates in the Central Plains and the United States have seen double-digit turnover in the past weekend, with 13 and 14 respectively. The latter has reached a 10-month high and has seen double digits for two consecutive weeks. See you for the first time in nearly eight months. Driven by the change of flats, the turnover of 10 million housing estates increased. The top floor of Block 2 of the 3rd phase of Tseung Kwan O Metro City was connected to the rooftop three-bedroom home for $10.48 million. The price was 16,609 yuan, and the property price was the highest in the housing estate.

Taikoo City Quarry Bay sold as many as 21 cases this month, including the G room in the middle floor of Yinbaige, which is 1,015 square meters. It is a large unit with sea view, with a transaction price of 22 million yuan and a price of 21,675 yuan. The Ap Lei Chau South Horizons recorded 18 transactions this month. The 15 middle-floor C-rooms were sold for $9.9 million and the price was 15,942.