Trade war reconciliation purchasing power release Weekend property market turnover double digits

Trade war reconciliation purchasing power release Weekend property market turnover double digits

[Hong Kong Commercial News] Reporter Zheng Shanshan reports: The peripheral uncertainties affecting the macro economy have finally settled. Thanks to the stock market rebounded last week, the second-hand market has also risen steadily. According to the data provided by the Midland, 19 transactions were recorded in the 15 largest blue-chip housing estates last weekend, which was 18.75% higher than the 16 previous weekends. Second-hand transactions in Kowloon District recorded double-digit trading volume. The most prosperous Meifu New Village sold four people on a weekend.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, said that the trade war reconciliation is expected, the political cloud is dissipated, and the Dawan District Outline is introduced. The market is “opening the clouds and seeing the sky”. The stock market rebounded last week and the property market also rebounded. The developers are actively deploying the building, and it is expected that the new disk will continue to flow in the future, stimulating market sentiment. The long-supply purchasing power continued to flow into the market. At the same time, the second-hand was also benefited, and the volume and volume of the building rebounded. Bu Shaoming believes that the property market “Xiaoyangchun" has initially confirmed that some of the owners have seen the market conditions pick up and have reduced the bargaining space.

The property market Xiaoyangchun has initially confirmed

According to the statistics of the last week’s trading volume of the 15 major index housing estates of the Midland Realty, 4 indicators in Hong Kong Island, including Taikoo Shing, Kornhill Garden, Xing Wah Estate and South Horizons, recorded 4 transactions. It is 6 cases. The six indicator housing estates in Kowloon include Laguna City, Whampoa Garden, Sun City and Mei Foo New Village. A total of 11 transactions were recorded on weekends, with 5 more cases per week. For the New Territories, the five indicator housing estates, including Tsuen Wan Centre, Sha Tin Phase 1 and Kingswood Villas, recorded 4 transactions, which did not rise or fall in a week.

In the top ten housing estates of Central Plains, 13 transactions were recorded at the weekend. According to the weekly holdings, the double-digit trading volume was maintained. Two of the estates, including the South Horizons and Laguna City, were recorded. The remaining eight estates were recorded. Have to vote. Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, said that the property market continued to be good. The second weekend of the Lunar New Year, the top ten housing estates maintained double-digit trading volume. This shows that the purchasing power of the market is not diminished, but some housing estates are not available. Beginning to declining, coupled with the gradual increase in property prices, affecting the pace of trading. In the short term, a number of new ones will be lined up to continue the property market Xiaoyangchun, which is expected to drive the second-hand trading atmosphere.

The stock market is doing well to enhance confidence in home ownership

In the case of the Li Kwai Court, over the past weekend, the top 10 index housing estates recorded 15 second-hand sales cases, which increased by 25% per week, a 43-week high since the beginning of May last year. Liao Weiqiang, president of Lijiage Real Estate explained that the stock market performance is good, enhancing the confidence of buyers in home ownership, and the primary market has not had much focus, and purchasing power is constantly being released in the secondary market. In the future, the US Federal Reserve will release pigeons, and Hong Kong’s interest rate is expected to remain low, prompting more buyers to speed up the market.

Li Zhicheng, the chief executive of Hong Kong Property Management, said that the upcoming budget, or favorable property market policies, is also a positive factor for the property market. Hong Kong Property Group recorded 16 transactions on the weekend, compared with 7 records last weekend, and then increased by nearly 1.3 times, reaching a new weekend high after the end of January 2018. Among them, Taikoo City was the strongest performer, with 5 transactions; Three transactions were recorded at Amoy Gardens and Ocean Shores respectively; two transactions were recorded at Kornhill Garden; one transaction was recorded at Harbour Plaza, Sha Tin Town One and Tseung Kwan O Centre.