Xindi 14 shopping mall pushes three strokes

Xindi 14 shopping mall pushes three strokes

The prospects for the retail market are unclear, and the malls naturally have to make their own plans. SHKP (00016) announced that its 14 shopping malls will launch the “Commercial Club Comprehensive Membership Scheme" this month. The three major selling points include unifying and “opening up" the membership points of the malls, the all-weather electronic self-point management system and the car owners. For the one-touch time-free parking service, the owner only needs to register the license plate in advance, and must take a card when entering or leaving the gate. It can save 2 to 3 seconds per car. It helps to ease traffic during peak hours. If the effect is satisfactory, it will be applied to other residential buildings and Office project.

Open management points, free of charge, parking

SHKP Executive Director, Mr Kwok, explained that there are 14 shopping malls in the new scheme. In the future, members of the mall can transfer their original membership and points to the new scheme. In addition to the mobile app, they can also register as members through the website and use WeChat. Small programs such as registering points and redeeming offers are believed to help increase customer loyalty, further understand customer preferences, and create a win-win for shopping malls, merchants and customers. He predicted that other shopping malls in the group will continue to join, such as North Point and Nanchang Station V Walk.

The first touch-free hourly parking service in Hong Kong is based on the practice of the Mainland shopping malls. The current accuracy rate is 99%. It will be launched first in MOKO New Century Plaza and V City. After smooth operation, it will be extended to other markets. The mall, initially piloted to the end of the year.

Guo Jizhen said that in the long run, it will not be ruled out in the parking lot of the Group’s residential and office properties. It is expected that the number of members of its shopping malls will now exceed 300,000 by the current plan, and it will increase to more than 400,000 at the end of this year.

The new plan launched this time is the second phase of the Group’s shopping mall App plan. The mobile app launched by SHKP in February last year is the latest information on 24 stores. The main functions include instant enquiry of restaurant waiting list and pre-ordering points. The “Easy Food" of the dishes, as well as the “Parking Easy" which provides real-time parking space and search vehicle functions; as of the end of last year, the number of downloads has exceeded 320,000.