Beishui high bulk cargo Hong Kong stocks 26,000 have lost the loss of continued speculation to stop interest rate hikes HSI rebounded 209 points

Beishui high bulk cargo Hong Kong stocks 26,000 have lost the loss of continued speculation to stop interest rate hikes HSI rebounded 209 points

Hong Kong stocks rose for two trading days. The mainland’s RRR cut and the US interest rate hike expected to cool down. The United States spurred on Friday. The Hang Seng Index rose more than 400 points after the market opened yesterday. However, after breaking through the 26,000-point mark, the profit-taking market emerged and closed. At 25,835 points, it rose 209 points (0.82%) and rose 771 points (3.1%) in two days. Beishui continued to reduce its holdings in Hong Kong stocks. Beishui sold a net amount of 1.638 billion Hong Kong shares yesterday. It recorded a total of 4 trading days and took a total of 4.65 billion yuan, of which Tencent (00700) recorded a net out of 527 million yuan. The stock was the highest after November 29, and it was the largest net outflow of Beishui yesterday.

Tencent net investment of 530 million more than 1 month high

The Hang Seng Index opened yesterday, that is, it rose above 26,000 points and 50 antennas. The highest rise was 26,043 points (up 417 points), and the resistance appeared immediately. Most of the time later, it was near 25,800 points, and eventually it did not stabilize 50 antennas (25,899 points). The China Enterprises Index closed at 10,123 points, up 94 points (0.94%). The market short-selling ratio was 13.7%, down 1.91 percentage points from the previous day, and the main board turnover was 77.4 billion yuan. Tencent rose 2.64% at the most, closing at 317.6 yuan, up 2.25%.

The Hang Seng Index closed at 25,896 points, up 31 points and 60 points above the water. At 1:30 am, the ADR Hong Kong stock index was at 25,823 points, 12 points lower than the Hong Kong market.

According to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s shareholding record of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388), Beishui’s shareholding in Tencent through Hong Kong Stock Connect dropped significantly last month, from 121 million shares on November 26 to December. Less than 114 million shares on the 10th. As of last Friday (4th), the shareholding was at a level of about 116 million shares. As Beishui re-emerged, the shareholding is expected to decline further.

Luo Jiacong, chief economic and strategist of Bank of Communications in Hong Kong, said that Hong Kong stocks appeared to follow the Dow futures slightly yesterday. Looking at yesterday’s situation, he believes that the resistance of 26,000 points is indeed large, and it has always accumulated a lot of crabs. He is biased towards the market outlook and is expected to rise and fall between 24,500 and 26,500 in the next two weeks, mainly in addition to the better US economic data, the data in other regions are weak.

Aviation stocks take off, real estate stocks continue to rise

The People’s Bank of China announced a RRR cut last Friday, driving mainland property stocks to continue to rise yesterday. Country Garden (02007) rose 1.55% yesterday; second-tier domestic property stocks were also favored, R&F Properties (02777) closed nearly half of the market; 01813) announced that the pre-sale amount of the previous month was 5.858 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 1.4 times, driving the company’s share price to rise more than 7%, to close at 7.12 yuan.

The Bank of China also had credits. China Merchants Bank (03968) and Bank of Communications (03328) rose 1.4% and 1% respectively. The exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar rose, Chinese aviation stocks took off, and Air China (00753), Eastern Airlines (00670) and China Southern Airlines (01055) increased by 4.1% to 6.5%.

US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell “Dive Pigeons", the market is expected to further cool interest rate hikes, and JP Morgan Chase reports that local residential property prices are expected to recover in the second quarter of this year. Local property stocks continue to rise, Changshi Group (01113) It rose 2.8%; Henderson Land (00012), New World Development (00017) and Hang Lung Properties (00101) both rose more than 1%.

The mainland stock market is improving. The Shanghai Composite Index stabilized for two consecutive days and closed at 2,533 points, up 18 points (0.72%). The Shenzhen Composite Index closed at 7400 points, up 115 points (1.58%), and the total turnover of the two cities increased to 347.3 billion yuan.