Tianzhu accumulated nearly four thousand votes, excess 11 times

Tianzhu accumulated nearly four thousand votes, excess 11 times

China Overseas (00688)’s Tai Po Tianzhu continued to collect tickets. The market reported that the total number of tickets was nearly 4,000, calculated by the first price list of 324, and the over-purchasing was about 11.35 times. The market expects the first round of sales this weekend.

Yuen Long Shang Yue, led by Henderson Land (00012). Ling yesterday pushed a new 51-member price list, and rushed to sell a total of 101 volleys before the sale on Friday (11th).

According to market sources, Tianzhu has collected nearly 4,000 votes as of the last night, with the first 324 price list, over 11.35 times over the purchase price. It is expected that the developer will push it in the day. Tiandeng, located at No. 8 Shantang Road, provides 1,620 gangs with a usable area of ​​334 to 1388 square meters. It is expected to enter the company by the end of January 2021.

Shang Yue. Ling Jia pushes 101 units sold on Friday

Tianzhu has yet to announce the sales arrangement, and Henderson has also seen a sharp rise in the market sentiment. Ling’s new 51-price list, the average price of the discount is 15,669 yuan, which is slightly lower than the average price of the previous price of 15,871 yuan, but the price of the similar units in the two price lists. There is not much difference.

The developer has issued a sales arrangement to launch the 101 units of the latest price list together with other units that have been discontinued for sale on Friday.

Xinguan (00083) led the development of the second phase of Kwun Tong Kaihui. Yesterday, there were 2 gangs, including 3 high-rise K rooms, with a saleable area of ​​569 square meters, with a turnover of 13.426 million yuan, and a price of 23,596 yuan. New high; some of the project’s special households are undergoing bidding, and the price has the opportunity to challenge the new high again.

The new store is still active. SHKP (00016) Ho Man Tin Tin Casting Phase 1 and Phase 2 are a total of 5 gangs. Each gang has a cost of more than half a billion yuan. The daily cash is over 316.9 million yuan, of which 5 are sold in 2 phases. Room C of the 21st floor has the highest transaction price of 71.44 million yuan, the unit has a usable area of ​​1,723 square meters, and the price of 41,465 yuan; the Beijing-based Baishijiao Hairiwan, which is owned by Yijing, has only 6 groups yesterday, and the daily cash is 226.6 million yuan, of which 2 The house was sold for 119 million yuan, with a saleable area of ​​4,277 square feet and a price of 27,823 yuan.