The first round of Cheung Sha Wan’s family is about 76 people

The first round of Cheung Sha Wan’s family is about 76 people. The third place is the third place.

Henderson Land (00012)  Recently, the property market is booming. The Changsha Bay family has sold 100 people in the first round yesterday. The average price is 21055 yuan, which means that 76 people are sold in the evening. The sales are 76%. The results are good. The maximum amount is 23,000 yuan. In the past, the group has pushed three sets of sales in the past month. By the end of the day, the group sold more than 510 people, with an estimated cash out of $3 billion. Kerry (00683) Jiulong Banshan’s new super-luxury project, Lushan, also recorded the first transaction, with 2 squats and a high price of 82,572 yuan. The market reported that it was purchased by a group of customers, involving 470 million yuan.

A total of 648 registrations were recorded in the first round of sales. The purchase price was 5.48 times. It was picked up at the sales office of Miramar Shopping Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday. At 5:30 in the evening, prospective buyers and agents were present and they went directly to the 5th floor exhibition hall. There are no queues in the mall. Lin Damin, general manager of Henderson Property Agency Business (1), said that the project sold 100 groups, and prospective buyers gathered in the sales center to wait for the lottery.

The highest price is 23,000.

The developer started the picking activities at 8 pm, and sold more than 30 people in the first half of the sentence. Among them, the 277 square metre D room and 1 room household were the first to clear up. Lin Damin added in the evening that the 2 households that were sold yesterday were all subscribed. It is reported that the project has a total of 76 people all night, the highest price is 26 rooms E room, the practical area of ​​276 square feet 1 room, the real price is 23087 yuan; the highest price is 9th floor, room A, practical area 479 square feet 2 households, the discount is about 930.948 million yuan. Located at 342-356 Yuanzhou Street, the family has 200 groups, with a usable area of ​​199 to 479 square meters. It is expected to enter the company by the end of April 2021.

In the past, Henderson has pushed three sets of sales in the past month. At the beginning of last month, Hung Hom started the first round of sales of 246 people, and achieved clear results on the same day; Henderson Chairman Lee Shau Kee privately held the North Point Victoria Peak. The households that were sold and sold yesterday were also sold in less than one week. In the first round, they achieved more than 70% of their sales. As of yesterday, the market sold more than 510 people, and it is expected to cover 3 billion yuan.

Kerry (00683)’s super-housing project in Jiu Shan, Kowloon has launched two bungalows for sale. It has been closed in the past weekend. The transaction was completed yesterday. The 3rd and 5th houses involved were sold at 235 million yuan. The practical area of ​​the bungalows is 2,846 square meters, and the high price is 82,572 yuan. The developer provides 2% cash rebate. The market said that the two houses were purchased by a group of customers, involving a total of 470 million yuan. Located at No. 9 Longhua Road, Lushan offers 45 groups with a usable area of ​​1656 to 7171 square meters, of which 19 are bungalows.

Lushan 470 million to sell two houses Hairi Bay II will issue a list

Yijing Baishijiao Hairiwan II, a subsidiary of Yijing, opened its demonstration unit for the media for the first time yesterday and is expected to open to the public during the week. The project provides a total of 3 demonstration units, 11 of which are open-plan units with a 251-square-foot open plan and a decoration of the C-rooms on the 3rd floor, and are unmodified units. They will be sold in the future.

There are also 7 3rd floor D rooms with a practical area of ​​1058 square 3 rooms and 9 blocks 3rd floor H room with a practical area of ​​614 square  2 rooms, all of which are standard demonstration units for the handover.

According to market sources, the project can be sold in the short term and will follow the new guidelines of the Real Estate Developers Association. The first batch will issue a price list to provide 1,408 battalions for the project. The first batch is expected to be no less than 282. Located at No. 18, Innovation Road, Hairi Bay II, with a usable area of ​​243 to 2828 square meters, will be occupied by the end of November next year.