10% lower in the same floor of the murderous house in the middle of the

The political events continued, affecting the buyer’s desire to enter the market, and the record was reduced

Among them, the same-sector households in the Tsuen Wan Center were sold at a price of 12,000 yuan per ounce, with a low market price of over 10% and returned to the level of the previous year. In addition, Jiahu Villa also has the same floor unit of the murderous house, with a change of 4.48 million, which is 15% lower than the market price.

Yu Junwen, senior regional business manager of Zhongyuan, said that there are 17 rooms in the lower floor of Taiyuan Building in the center of Tsuen Wan, with an area of ​​329 square meters and 2 rooms. Because of the famous 6 corpse cases in the same floor, it belongs to the same floor of the murderous house, with 4 million. Change hands, the price of about 12,158 yuan, more than 10% lower than the market price. It is reported that the original owner purchased in about August 2,500, with a profit of 1.45 million.

Six corpse murder case

According to market news, there are 5 high-rise C rooms in Meihuju, Jiahu Mountain Villa, Tianshuiwei, with an area of ​​544 square meters and 3 rooms. Because of the same floor as the murderous house, it is now sold for 4.848 million yuan, with a price of 8912 yuan, which is lower than the market price of 5.7 million. 15%.

Yang Jianwei, the chief co-director of Lijiage, said that there is a high-rise room C of the 9th floor of the 9th floor of the Taotao Yayuan in Ma’anshan. The area is 788 square meters, and the 3 room sets are separated by workers. The original price is 11.3 million, the price is 1.47 million, and the price is 9.83 million. The price is 12475. Yuan, the price of the price returned to the level of the same unit in April this year.

Jiahu 4.84 million sale is 15% lower

Li Jinrong, senior manager of the senior division of the United States, said that the F-room of the middle floor of the 5th floor of the Dongdi Bay in Tung Chung has an area of ​​607 square feet and a space of 2 rooms. The original price was about 7.8 million. The current price is about 500,000, with a turnover of 7.3 million. 12026 yuan.

Li Shiming, regional manager of Century 21 Qifeng Branch, said that there are 2 low-level NA rooms in the 2nd phase of Dawei Mingcheng. The area is 741 square meters, 3 rooms and 1 set interval, and the total price is 11.58 million, and the price is 15628 yuan.

Famous city price 15,000

The agent refers to the middle floor G room of Block 3 of Fanling Huadu Square. The area is 526 square meters, and the three rooms are separated. The original price is about 6.5 million. The total price is 6.1 million yuan, and the price is 11,730 yuan.

Xiangwen senior account manager Gu Wenbin said that the high-rise G room of the 5th floor of Tuen Mun Duan Yinting has an area of ​​499 square meters, 3 rooms separated, and finally sold for 6.16 million, and the price is 12345 yuan.

Huadu Square, 6.17 million price reduction

Hong Kong Property Manager Zhang Zhihao said that the low-rise Room A of Renguang Building in Changsha Bay has an area of ​​223 square meters. After the bargaining price, it was sold at 2.93 million yuan, and the price was 13139 yuan. It is understood that the new buyers are couples.

As for some high-quality households who have received high prices from buyers, Wang Qinxue, the sub-regional sales manager of the Central Plains, said that the E-room of the 4th high-rise of the New Yuen Long Centre has an area of ​​about 639 baht, which is a three-bedroom interval, with a price of 8.8 million yuan and a price of 13,772 yuan. The transaction price hit a new high in the same type of unit.

In addition, according to data from the Housing Authority, the number of second-serving transactions in September was 114, a decrease of 9.5% from 126 in August.

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