AP: Hong Kong people first set on the car plate is not affected the property market

The Government has announced a new policy address. It is generally agreed that the report focuses on subsidizing housing and that there will be little supply for private land and that land supply should be increased in the long run. Investors believe that private residential price will be affected by the market.

The industry commented that the land supply was less

Midland property refers to the introduction of measures to increase supply-based, with the earlier launch of the policy to curb demand is different. The chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, Bu Shaoming, said that the first batch of Hong Kong people on the first set of vehicles only about 1,000 units, with a certain resale limit, I believe that the short-term impact on the property market is small, to maintain this year Property prices rose 13% in forecast.

Midland Real Estate Chief Analyst Liu Jiahui said that the Hong Kong people first set on the car for the lack of enough first phase of the family, mostly for the purchase of 6 million yuan of the following property, if the increase in quota, I am afraid that will affect the price floor. Long-term to solve the housing problem, need to increase the supply of public and private housing, in order to help more people home buyers.

Shi Yongqing: The first set of income is too high

The Chairman of the Central Plains Group, Mr Shi Wing-ching, said that the policy address failed to help the people of Hong Kong to buy their own homes and that the upper limit of the income on the first board was too high and that the Government should help the lower income earners increase the supply of housing.

Jiuhua Liang, Chief Executive Officer of Jihui Group, said that the green home and the White House were constrained to represent the government to put more resources in public housing, which would have a negative impact on the silver market. Some buyers turned to the public housing market, have the opportunity to make the price of property prices fell.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Economic and Financial Research of the National Center for Economic and Financial Affairs has pointed out that the Government has no intention to depress property prices to assist the home buyers and to consolidate the public housing tenants so that the public housing tenants are reasonable. Improve the living environment.