Taikoo City owners surrendered, the price of 2 million Tang Hede joined the goods called 15.5 million

On the eve of the announcement of the policy address, the second-hand property price war front expanded, from the fine-priced housing in the New Territories to the urban housing estates. The Quarry Bay Taikoo City, which has always been regarded as the cold weather of the property market, although as much as 30% of the price reduction, but more cruel is that the buyer still does not shoot, I think the property price has not fallen enough, unless the owner is willing to buy a big price. The estate has recorded two price hikes yesterday. Both of them have a low market price of more than one million yuan. Leslie Cheung (brother), who loved Tang Hede (Tang Tang) during his lifetime, holds a group of Taikoo City and is also on the market. Reporter: Zhu Lianfeng

Zhongyuan Zhang Guangyao said that the E-room of the high-rise city of Cuigu Pavilion in Taikoo City, the practical 922 square, looking at the landscape, the original asking price of 19.5 million yuan, the release of more than half a year still can not sell the price, until the recent market conditions reversed, the owners see a rare visitor The counter-offer, the substantial price reduction of nearly 2 million yuan, with a price of 17.58 million yuan, a decrease of 9.9%, the price of 19,067 yuan. The transaction for the same kind is the middle room E of Zihuage, the same area, the cost in June this year was 18.98 million yuan, and the price was 1.4 million yuan. The Cuiyi Pavilion unit was valued at NT$20.10 million and RMB21.74 million by BOC and HSBC. The cost was lower than the valuation by up to 4.16 million yuan or 19%.

Taikoo City Sancheng owners price reduction

Mr Cheung continued to say that about 30% of the owners of Taikoo City are willing to reduce their prices. However, the problem is that there is no market in the market and there are not many flats. The owners are willing to reduce the price. Therefore, the housing market has been very quiet since August. Last month, only two transactions were completed in the whole month, which is expected to be a historical low.

Zhongyuan Zhao Hongyun said that Taikoo City surrendered the price of another single owner on the same day, for the high-rise room H of Haitiange, the practical 759 square, the three-bedroom change to the two-room interval. In April this year, the asking price was 18.5 million yuan, and the price was released for half a year. A total of 2.6 million yuan, to the final sale of 15.9 million yuan, the price of 20,949 yuan, compared with five months ago, similar transactions sold flat 11% or more than 2 million yuan.

Zhao Hongyun said that the number of plaques in Taikoo City before the “six strokes" was about 275, which increased to 320 gangs this month, an increase of 16%. Celebrities also saw the top of the property market, the news refers to the three-bedroom unit of the low-rise F room of the Hengxing Pavilion in Taigucheng, which was held by Tang Hede. It was put on sale last month, with a asking price of RMB 15.5 million and a price of RMB 21,558. As the property prices of the housing estates have dropped significantly recently, the average price has fallen below 20,000 yuan, and the low price is 19,000 yuan. The price of Tang is about 10% higher than the market price.

Blue sea and blue sky return to the initial price

The price of the city is rolling. The blue sky and blue sky of Changsha Bay, one of the West Nine Dragons, was finally broken by this price. The unit is 3 middle-level F rooms and two-bedroom households. It is released for two months, and the reduction is 1.1 million yuan. It is changed to 8.28 million yuan, and the price is only 16,694 yuan, returning to the beginning price.

Lantian Huijing Garden 7 low-rise G and H rooms connected to the household, practical 1,226 square 呎, composed of two three-bedroom units, the day before the release, that is, late for about 18 million yuan, the price of 14,682 yuan. The agent said that the unit looked at the whole landscape, which was a stockpile. When the city was in the early days, a three-bedroom house was worth 10 million yuan. Now the two three-bedroom houses are only sold for 18 million yuan, and the low market price is nearly 2 million yuan.

The property market turned to the trend, and valuable properties were rarely sold. The news refers to the “Da Zhai Men" in the middle floor of the Ferris Court, the Arc de Triomphe, Kowloon Station. It has a practical 1,955 square foot. The price of two parking spaces is 168 million yuan, the price is 85,934 yuan, and the low market price is 14%. In the same building, there are several floors of Room A, “Da Zhai Men". Last month, even one parking space was sold for 190 million yuan, and the price was 97,187 yuan.