Regarding the price of the property, the price will be lowered by 3% to 5%.

A new policy address will be released today. The market is concerned about the details of the housing policy. 28Hse yesterday held the results of the real estate rental survey, and invited the director of the Guanyu Business and Economic Research Center to be a guest. 28Hse interviewed 330 owners by telephone earlier. The results showed that most of the respondents were able to successfully rent out their flats through the online platform in the short term. At the meeting, Guan said that the current property market is affected by external factors such as trade wars. It is expected that property prices will be lowered by 3% to 5% at high levels. The rents will also be under pressure from the market, but the decline will be less than half of the overall property market.

The reclamation plan is in the right direction

At the same time, Guan Lanzhao pointed out that the rumored policy address will implement the reclamation plan and also have the opportunity to adjust the ratio of public and private housing from six to four ratios to seven or three. Regarding reclamation, he believes that the long-term plan is in the right direction, but should also consider reducing the impact on the environment; and should not ignore the short- and medium-term measures, and should adopt a two-pronged approach, including the development of new-field agricultural land and brownfields. 28Hse Chief Operating Officer Leung Ka-kit pointed out that the reclamation scheme has a basis. Many of Hong Kong’s land is reclaimed from the sea. However, the Government must also weigh the pros and cons of all parties.

As regards the adjustment of the public-private ratio, if the change to the ratio of the seventy-three ratio will reduce the private building by 4,600, the hidden crisis will be difficult. It is difficult to estimate how the market will degrade the supply. He said that the decline in supply may narrow the price cuts, which is contrary to the original intention of the government.