Daiwa’s property price fell 8% in 3 months

Dahe issued a report stating that the market is ready for the rise in Hong Kong’s interest rate. “There is a slight impact on the system, but one expectation already exists" and that the impact on Hong Kong stocks is limited. The bank still maintains a 5% forecast for property prices this year. This year, property prices have risen by 13%. It is expected to fall by 3% to 8% in the next three months, but it is not considered that property prices will be rushed. In this context, Dahe recommended a dividend yield of more than 4% of property stocks. According to the bank’s list, SHKP (016) forecasts a dividend yield of 4.6% next year, Xinhe (083) is 4.3%, and Hengdi (012) is 4.7%. Exhibition (823) was 4% and Hang Lung (101) was 5.3%. It still holds a positive view on the entire Hong Kong property sector.