Property theme: 3 ghost towns in Dawan District

The Government is pushing the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Macao districts. In addition to the promotion of the squid fish in the big Taiwanese program, the “On-the-spot demonstration" in the Dawan District of Jiangmen Taishan City is full of money to buy the building as the owner. However, the original ghost city in Jiangmen City, behind the gorgeous, is actually over-construction.

Kaiping Ghost Town Index

Low reasonable value over half

Halloween is approaching, in addition to going to the theme park “Humping Ghosts", you can also feel the ghost city atmosphere in the Dawan District. There is a “Ghost City Index" in the Mainland. Based on the area of ​​the development area (building area) and the proportion of permanent residents in the city, it is reasonable to accommodate 10,000 people per square kilometer. The reasonable value is 1. Kaiping is a county-level city in Jiangmen City. According to the China City Statistical Yearbook, the urban area is 185.46 square kilometers, the resident population is 683,300, and the ghost city index is 0.37, which is less than half of the reasonable value. It is the top of the ghost city in Dawan District. Kaiping was also selected as one of China’s top 50 ghost cities in 2015, ranking 18th in the year.

In addition to the number of towers in Jiangmen, there are many properties for sale. According to the data of the first half of the year, the transaction volume of Kaiping first-hand residential houses fell the most, with 2,981 sets of transactions, down 53.9% year-on-year. As of August this year, the average price per square meter was 7,128 yuan (RMB. The same below). Country Garden Country Garden (2007), which is mainly engaged in third- and fourth-tier cities, also opened in Kaiping, Country Garden. The price of Emerald Bay is 6,500 yuan per square meter, and the price has fallen by nearly 10% in three months.

Heshan Huizhou property market blowing cold wind

The second-ranked ghost town in the Dawan District is Heshan City, also located in Jiangmen. Heshan City covers an area of ​​108.32 square kilometers, with a resident population of 507,900. The latest ghost city index is 0.47, ranking 37th in China’s top 50 ghost cities in 2015.

In the past ten. In the Golden Week, the property market in the region was even more chilly, and there were fewer transactions. Among them, there are several real estate projects in Jiangmen City that are sold at a reduced price. Agile Park launched four sets of special rooms at a price of 10,000 yuan per square meter. Swan Bay also launched 10 sets of special rooms with a minimum unit price of 9,500 yuan per square meter. Country Garden in addition to the price of Jiangmen, Jiangxi Shanghai Country Garden more jumped building prices, a group of owners immediately became a negative asset, a few days ago to the sales office to destroy anger.

According to a previous report by the Goldman Sachs, in addition to the Ghost Town Index, which reflects the vacancy rate of buildings, the uninhabited buildings after sale have extended the destocking process, which may result in alternative ghost towns. Huizhou, a third-tier city in the Dawan District, is one example. Huizhou has an area of ​​1,181.65 square kilometers, a resident population of 4.77 million, and a ghost city index of 0.4. It was ranked in the top 50 Chinese ghost cities in 2014, ranking 12th.

Huizhou is an investor-recognized ghost town because it was unveiled in 2014 by Yuzhou Mountain, developed by Huizhou Dayawan Xinding Industrial Development Co., Ltd. The sales in the Grand Canyon are extremely poor. At night, there were more than 2,000 households with only two households lighting up, and the popularity was sluggish.

Some people in Hong Kong have no living, but the mainland has no one to live in. Since last month, Huizhou has launched a first-time concession for real estate developers, which is surprisingly attractive. For example, Longguang (3380) has only paid 1.5% for the first phase of the Longshan project. Evergrande (3333) Yayuan also launched the first installment payment, which requires only 30,000 for the first phase. According to the Huizhou Real Estate Administration, in the first half of the year, only 17,190 sets of second-hand houses were sold in the city, compared with 30,803 sets in the same period last year, which fell by 44.2%.