Investors to shop in the Central Bar 37 million change hands

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po’s industrial and commercial property tax system is relatively simple, continuing to attract residential investors into the market.

Li Haobin, an operating director of Hong Kong-based Wangpu, said that Shop E, G / F, 36B Staunton Street, Central, has been traded recently and has an area of about 800 square feet of ground floor space (unverified) and about 700 square feet (not verified) , Now about 37 million yuan changed hands; the original owner in 1992, spent about 3.02 million yuan purchased on the site, 25 years has been held and collected so far, the second-hand, big book more than ten times.

At present, 88,000 monthly returns 3.5%

The property is rented from a bar and restaurant at HK $ 88,000. As the lease is about to expire, the property renewal is being negotiated at a current market rent of about $ 110,000. That is to say, the rental return of new buyers exceeds 3.5%, making it the current market On the high level.

Buyers entering the market are residential investors with rich experience in residential property investment. However, due to the complicated tax system for residential properties in recent years and the low rate of return on rentals, it is decided to transfer the investment in commercial and industrial properties.