Now Chongshan buys a silver medal for one year

Now Chongshan buys a silver medal for one year.

Recently, the silver mains low-selling intentions are high. Huanya will auction the silver main plate of the middle floor of Room B, Chongshan, Chongshan, next month. The utility model is 715 square meters, three rooms are separated, the price is 9.8 million yuan, and the price is 13,706 yuan, which is about 13 million yuan lower than the market price. .

The owner bought the unit for 12.75 million yuan in December last year. From February to March this year, he applied to the four finance companies four times in a row, and the speed of the bid was changed. The buying unit changed the silver master in just one year. Huanya said that the owner bought the unit just one year, and the 10% additional stamp duty was paid by the owner.

Haiyi’s price is 13,000, which is the new low this year.

Second-hand property prices continue to test low, and Hong Kong Island Buildings must also be 20%. The price of the Ap Lei Chau South Horizons is as low as $13,000, creating a new low price this year and crossing some of the New Territories buildings. Midland Lin Runqiang said that 20 extremely low-rise H rooms, practical 632 square rafts, three-bedroom suites, the same area users see the owner’s asking price is reasonable, immediately sent by the agent to the mainland, successfully sold for 8.3 million yuan, the price of 13,133 yuan. The H room, the very low floor (upstairs), was sold in June this year for 10.26 million yuan, with a price of 16,234 yuan. That is, in just half a year, the price dropped by nearly 20% or 1.96 million yuan.

Room H, Low Floor, Block 3, Baihui Haoyuan, Tianshuiwei, practical 494呎, two rooms separated, just sold for 5.2 million yuan, the price of 10,526 yuan, a record low of nearly half a year, and broke the record of 2.52 million yuan in the two houses in October this year. At the peak period, the transaction price of similar units was nearly 6.4 million yuan, and the difference is nearly 20%.

Room B, Low Floor, Block 1, Huangfushan, Sheung Shui, is a practical 490 square baht. In mid-November, the price was RMB 6.28 million. The final price was reduced by one million yuan, and the price was changed by RMB 5.2 million. The price was RMB 10,612. The same low-rise C room, in May this year, turnover of 6.5 million yuan, the same 490 square, the price of 13,265 yuan. After seven months, the cost of the two houses in Huangfushan fell by 20%.

Tuen Mun Tuen Mun recorded the third transaction in this month. Five middle-floor B-room two-bedroom households sold for 7.28 million yuan, and the price was 14,949 yuan, returning to the beginning of the year.