Hang Seng Index rose 771 on the 3rd, increased revenue, recovered 10 days, 20 antennas, nighttime, 131 points

Hang Seng Index rose 771 on the 3rd, increased revenue, recovered 10 days, 20 antennas, nighttime, 131 points

The tension between China and the United States has eased. In addition, the British Prime Minister Wen Cuishan successfully resolved the crisis. The external risks have not been further aggravated, driving Hong Kong stocks to “three consecutive rises” and 771 points in three trading days. 3%). The Hang Seng Index closed at 26,524 points yesterday, up 337 points (1.29%), re-emphasizing 10 days (about 26422 points) and 20 days (about 26319 points) moving average. The market turnover also became active, compared to the previous trading day. Increase it by four to 79.3 billion yuan. The analysis believes that if there is no big bad news in the market, the Hang Seng Index will continue to challenge the high position.

Mainland property stocks performed well and increased by 5%

The night softened and closed at 26,398 points, down 131 points and 126 points lower. At 1:30 am, the ADR Hong Kong stock index was 26,273 points, 250 points lower than the Hong Kong market.

Financial stocks became the locomotive of the market yesterday. HSBC Holdings (00005) rose nearly 1.9%, contributing 48 points to the HSI. ICBC (01398) and Bank of China (03988) also rose more than 1.2%. The brokerage Credit Suisse sang good gambling market conditions. It is estimated that this month’s gaming revenue will increase by more than 15%, driving both Sands China (01928) and Galaxy (00027) to more than 3%. Mainland property stocks continued to perform strongly. Rundi (01109) was the best performing blue chip, closing at 31.35 yuan and pumping 4.5% higher. Vanke (02202), Sunac China (01918) and Shimao Real Estate (00813) all closed higher. “Hong Kong Stock Connect" yesterday sold a net amount of 278 million Hong Kong dollars, ending a net inflow for six consecutive days. The H-Share Index rose 139 points (1.34%) to close at 10,556 points. A-shares also made good, with the Shanghai Composite Index up 1.23% and Shenzhen Component Index up 1.43%.

Whitewashed window, try 27000 points

Liang Guanye, executive director of Haitong International Securities Wealth Management Investment Strategy, pointed out that it is optimistic about the market outlook. If there is no more serious negative news, it is expected that the Hang Seng Index will further look up to the level of 27000 to 27500. He also said that the Sino-US trade war and the Huawei incident have not yet warmed up. In addition, there are whitewashing window factors at the end of the year and the current stock market valuation is not expensive. All of them have positive support for Hong Kong stocks.

Mainland property stocks continued to perform well. Rating agency Fitch expects that the policy of the mainland government is to stabilize the real estate market. The authorities have the opportunity to relax the current purchase restriction policy to prevent a “hard landing" in the domestic market.

Fitch Senior Director Lin Shuyi believes that most of the growth in domestic contract sales will slow down next year, and smaller domestic housing will have a chance to reverse sales. The bank expects that the sales volume of the domestic housing next year will be reduced by 5% to 10% year-on-year. Housing prices will remain stable, especially in first- and second-tier cities, but more remote cities will face downward pressure on housing prices.

Hang Seng Index rose 771 on the 3rd, increased revenue, recovered 10 days, 20 antennas, nighttime, 131 points