Mainland customers 170 million to buy Tianzhu Tianchiwu

Mainland customers 170 million to buy Tianzhu Tianchiwu

The cost of luxury homes has hit record highs. SHKP (016) Ho Man Tin Tin Ching has two more gangs yesterday. The cash is over $200 million. Among them, eight rooms on the 30th and 31st floor, “Tianchi House", sold for 1.7478 trillion yuan and the price of up to 65,000 yuan. The transaction amount of the floor unit and the new price of the price. It is known that if the buyer is a mainland customer, he must pay a 30% spicy tax, involving more than 52 million yuan in taxes, enough to buy six one-bedroom units in Kwun Tong Kai Hui.

The above-mentioned Tianchi House is designed in a duplex style with a private pool and Jacuzzi. The utility area is 2,689 square meters. There is also a 635 square platform and 885 square roof. Another unit for sale is Unit C, 6th Floor, Block 8, with a practical 1,360 square foot, with a transaction price of 40.905 million yuan.

The same department North Point Haishu re-recorded the transaction, and sold 4 groups in a week. Among them, the 5th floor, Room B, 21st floor, even the platform features households, practical 718 square, two rooms separated, even 139 square platform, yesterday successful bidding for 39.2 million yuan, the price of 54,596 yuan.

Zhong Chuyi Qianjin, 89 million to buy a luxury home

The parking spaces at SHKP Kowloon Station are approaching $6 million, creating a new high in the district. According to the Land Registry, the first-hand parking space at 8171, 3/F, Tin Shui, was just sold at $5.8 million, setting a new record for the price of parking spaces in Kowloon. It was also the first car parking space in Tin Chung this year. The sale of the first one-handed parking space of Scorpio will be traced back to September of last year. At that time, the parking space of No. 8063 on the 3rd floor was sold at a price of 4.6 million yuan, a price increase of 26% in just over one year.

Capital Strategy (497) Chairman Zhong Chuyi’s 27-year-old daughter, who spent $89 million, bought a low-rise unit in the May Tower of Mid-Levels Mansion, with a practical price of 2,669 square meters and a price of 33,000 yuan. According to the Land Registry, the unit registration buyer CHUNG YUEN TUNG JASMINE is the same as the English name of Zhong Chuyi’s daughter Zhong Wanxi.