Merchants smashed the exhibition, and lost the rent

Merchants smashed the exhibition, and lost the rent.

The 12 shopping malls under the exhibition (823) were sold to Kehui Capital, Investment Bank Goldman Sachs and other consortiums for 12.01 billion yuan, the largest of which was the Tuen Mun Mountain Village Shopping Mall, with an area of ​​about 121.43 million square meters and even 638 The parking space was valued at around 1.45 billion in September. The reporter directly hit the mall and found that the vacancy rate was high. There were nearly 22 shops in the market. Tenants expected that the new owners would increase rents.

Mountain View Mall has 32 rooms

Tuen Mun Mountain View Shopping Mall is located in Shanshan Village, which was occupied in 1983. It is close to 4 light rail stations, including Shek Pai, Mingqin, Shannon South and Mountain View North. It is about 5 minutes drive from West Rail Tuen Mun Station, but noon hour. Very few passengers get off at the station. The students who get off are generally students and elderly people. There are fewer young people.

The tenants of the mall are mainly restaurants and people’s livelihood retail. There are shops such as Jiale, McDonald’s and supermarket chains. However, there are no large fashion stores or large-scale electronic retail stores. When you see lunch, there are very few guests. Some merchants are more free. Chatting with passers-by, only large chain stores gather people, and students and elders are the main customers.

Perhaps the exhibition has already been budgeted for sale, and the mall has not developed much in recent years. There are about 10 shops in the mall. If there are about 22 shops in the market, there will be about 32 shops in the whole venue. Mr. Gu, a tenant in the market, said that the rental of the exhibition was expensive. The new tenancy rose by more than 30% compared with the old one and the monthly rent was about $7,000. He described the past contract to sign a contract without regard to human feelings. He would rather lose the rent and not reduce the rent, and the signing is a death sign, tied the tenant, but the exhibition can be notified in advance that the rent will not be renewed. The terms are unfair.

In addition, the parking lot is not full, there are still vacant parking spaces. The reporter stayed on the scene for about 1 hour. There are only a handful of owners who pick up the car. Only about two groups of owners are going to the parking lot. The flow of people is deserted, but the exhibition has increased rent. The notice board of the carpark office can be seen that the fare of the car park was substantially increased in May, and the monthly car rental increased by 5 to 12%. Among them, the monthly fare increase of private cars was the most powerful. The number of covered parking spaces rose from 1,760 yuan to 1,980 yuan, an increase of 12.5%. The number of open-air parking spaces rose from 1,620 yuan to 1,820 yuan, an increase of 12.3%.