Change the Pop-Up Shop bulk chain chain attack short-term rental shop

Change the Pop-Up Shop bulk chain chain attack short-term rental shop

Near Christmas and New Year, the Jipu shop in the core area is rented out by short-term rent. However, this year’s situation is different. Under the turmoil of trade, short-term tenants are not limited to profit-making, household goods and cheap leather handbags. Chain stores are also rushing to short-term rental shops and setting up Pop-Up Shop. For example, the ground floor of Russell Street in Causeway Bay. The original monthly rent for rent was $2 million. At present, Salsa (178) rents it on a short-term lease. The monthly rent is only $700,000, a reduction of 65%!

Because the cosmetics store does not sell luxury clothes, put some shelves, and slightly renovated, it has been able to open, so it is most suitable for Pop-Up Shop. Sasha is currently renting a 20-storey ground floor in Russell Street, Causeway Bay. Earlier, it was said that short-term rent was $400,000 a month, but now Sasha rents it for $700,000. The shop area is 1,000 square meters. From the outside, it is no different from other long-term rental stores. It sells Christmas gifts and offers discounts. The business looks good.

Sasha Ping 65% short rent Russell Street

It is understood that the shop was rented by the famous pen manufacturer MontBlanc (Montblanc) in 2014, with a price of up to 2 million yuan, which is 65% lower than the current rent. Once known as the world’s most expensive section of Russell Street in Causeway Bay, the proportion of famous stores has plummeted by half in recent years. Recently, the situation has improved. Famous stores have returned. More than 70% of the stores are luxury stores, but the rent has not returned to the high level of the year.

Bonjour Cosmetics is not behind Sa Sa. It rented 825,000 yuan a month and rented a floor shop at 535-537 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay. It also opened the Pop-Up Shop. Relative to the old monthly rent of 1.1 million yuan, the rent is lowered by 25%. In fact, retail rents have fallen by two-thirds since the peak of 2013 and 2014. As early as 2015 and 2016, they fell by 17.3% and 11.5% respectively. In 2017, street rents fell further by 3.2% year-on-year. . Starting from the second quarter of this year, the famous store turned into a short-selling street shop “playing a guerrilla". More prominently, in April of this year, the famous watch brand IWC Schaffhausen opened a 150-year-old Pop-up cafe at the short-term rental of 11 to 19 Georgetown Street in Causeway Bay. The cafe selling point is to sigh coffee, while smashing IWC’s 150-year watch process evolution.

Agnès b. 30% off the bag

In August this year, the famous handbag shop Coach, located in the parallel parallel of No. 20 Queen’s Road, Central, has a Pop-Up Shop with an area of ​​7,200 square meters. The market expects that the short-term rent is less than RMB 720,000 and the average rent is less than RMB 100. The handbag shop agnès b. also set up the Pop-Up Shop in the middle of the printing line of Duoli Street in Central in mid-November, and implemented the OL guest directly in the Central Open, the most flat 300 yuan for the wallet, the handbag has 30% off Sold, quite a good place.

CB Richard Ellis Hong Kong Consultant and Trading Services (Retail) Executive Director Lian Zhihao said: “In the past year or two, the rents of Wangpu have fallen sharply, and there are renters. The rents have been stable. The short-term rents have also changed. Shops and cosmetics chain stores rented in short-term rents and grabbed the Christmas and New Year gold schedules. These short-term rental shops are slightly renovated, and it seems that there is no difference between them and the long-term rental shop, and the brand can be piloted first and then decided to go." He explained the owners. Also began to face the reality, willing to rent a hand shop. After the mutual temptation between the two sides, it is expected that the retail lease will be more clear after the Lunar New Year.