The “Nine-Life" Prime Minister has passed another round of Labour Party intentions

The “Nine-Life" Prime Minister has passed another round of Labour Party intentions

Politics is also a long day. When we concluded the “Social Review" on Wednesday, we pointed out that British Prime Minister Wen Cuishan was rushing to the field and slamming the ruling and then the House of Commons voted on the draft of the Brexit agreement, which was quite dead. The generous afterlife. However, if this ultimate can not force the party members to accept the tears, the tears will say goodbye to Wenningshan himself. The words are still in the ear. This is like a “nine-life" singer who has passed another level in the stormy waves. In the early afternoon of Thursday, the Conservative Party congressional vote in the morning of Hong Kong, with 200 votes to 117 votes. Win, avoid the bad luck of the immediate downfall.

If the hard-line Brexit failed to force the palace, it would not be possible to propose a no-confidence motion in the next year. Although Wen Cuishan’s phase was guaranteed, the price was to promise the party’s friends to resign from the Conservative Party’s position before the 2002 election. Disguised as his own prime minister career start countdown. After “Difficult to Die", Wen Cuishan immediately set off to meet with EU leaders in Brussels to fight for better terms for Brexit, but in the end, if it was only minor repairs to the draft, the agreement would be approved by the British Parliament and definitely beaten by Wen Cuishan. It is much harder to quit the enemy in the party.

From the reaction of the British pound in the past few days, the market focus has been directed at Wen Cuishan’s individual to stay, when the Prime Minister’s dangerous exchange rate has plummeted, there are signs of rebounding and rebounding, the pound in the middle of Europe on the US dollar against the US dollar on Thursday Above the 26th level, it is far from the 20-month low seen at the beginning of the week, reflecting the market’s satisfaction with the development of the situation.

As early as Tuesday, Wen Cuishan said through a spokesperson that the draft of the Brexit agreement will be submitted to the House of Commons before January 21 next year, which means that it is impossible for her to harden a “male" and delay the stalemate. The moment before the fall of the European Union on March 29 next year, the British ruling and opposition parties will be forced to accept either the “only" plan or the No-deal Brexit. Judging from the current situation, with the hard-line Brexit forced to die, the option of relying on the internal strength of the Conservative Party, Lavin Cuishan, does not exist; that is equivalent to saying that the most incentive to use the European Dilemma to create a governance crisis is only It is expected to take the biggest opposition Labor Party to the stage. However, the party leader, Hao Erbin, still does not move so far, and seems to be eager to launch a motion of no confidence in all members of the House of Commons. We believe that there are two reasons for this:

1. Even if the Labour Party can win the support of all opposition parties and win the crisp and neat in the no-confidence motion, it must also hope that some members of the Conservative Party and its allies, the Democratic Unity Party (DUP), will turn their backs. Instead of playing an unsure battle, it would be better to stop using it and wait for the draft of the Brexit vote to be defeated in the Congress. It must be known that Wen Cuishan’s postponement of the vote scheduled for this Tuesday was precisely due to the fear of a large veto of the draft. Although the phase is now guaranteed, the opportunity for the House of Commons to pass the Brexit agreement in a few weeks. There is no slight change; if the draft is really defeated in the voting, and the Labour Party launches a no-confidence motion to the government, the actual effect is almost the same.

Second, if the above inferences are not far from the facts, then the possibility of an early election in the UK cannot be denied. If the Labour Party wins in one fell swoop, Hao Erbin, who is known as the “Left King" in the British political arena, can taste the wish, and the Emperor will be on the throne. In the final analysis, the Brexit has evolved into the most severe national crisis after the war. The former Prime Minister Cameron, the current Prime Minister Wen Cuishan, the two “political gamblers" and even the hard-working Detachment of the people People can’t blame. The Conservative Party’s Jiangshan can continue to this day and today, it has been calculated that Wen Cuishan’s survival in the Jedi is amazing.

There is no agreement on how to get rid of the European Union. No one can say it right now. Whether the United Kingdom is funny to hold the second referendum on the Brexit is equally different. However, from the “price madness" of Bank of England Governor Carney, to the countless “sand disc deduction" of think tank groups, it can be seen that political circles, businesses and investors will not choose to walk, how to deal with No-deal The worst scenarios that Brexit may trigger are not unprepared.

On the other hand, the Labour Party, which is headed by Hao Erbin and holds the socialist banner, has apparently not thought about the market once it has been in power. However, what is certain is that the Labour Party’s political platform has increased taxes to enterprises and the wealthy, and the re-nationalization of railways, water, postal and other public utilities has made the business and investors sleepless. Wen Cuishan successfully passed the vote of no confidence, and the uncertainty surrounding her leadership in the party has been swept away, but the market can relax for a long time.