Trade war haze second-hand price rises and falls

Under the turmoil of Sino-US trade, the second-hand property prices have not been blocked. The two-bedroom homes in Tai Kok Tsui and Harbour Plaza have achieved a record high of 21,718 yuan. However, the price increase and the decline were obvious. The two major housing estates, Taikoo Shing and Kornhill Garden, recorded only 3 transactions and one transaction this month.

The urban price building was sought after, plus the big corner Tsui Leo Square. The high price of Kai’an has been pushed up, driving the price of fine units in the area to rise sharply. According to Feng Shuxun, Regional Director of Lijiage, the high-rise Room H of Block 1 of Harbour View, Tai Kok Tsui has a saleable area of ​​326 square feet. It is the most compact two-bedroom flat in the estate. It has just changed hands with $7.08 million and has a price of $21,718. Record. The original owner purchased it for 5.09 million yuan in July 2015. When the goods were sold for just 3 years, they changed hands and the book profited 1.99 million yuan to leave the market. The appreciation value was 39%.

North Point Moonlight Low Floor Sale 20479

Mr Fung pointed out that the above site was taken up by the purchaser in less than one month. The main reason is that the price of the estate in the vicinity of the Olympic Station is high. Unless the prospective purchasers switch to the old estates in the old district of Tai Kok Tsui, the two-bedroom flats below $7 million are basically Extinct,

On the other hand, the North Point Jun Yufeng is selling hot, driving the sales of nano-units in the same area. Room A, Low Floor, Mingyue Building, Yueyuan Street, North Point, with a usable area of ​​188 square feet. It has just changed hands with RMB 3.85 million and has a price of RMB 20,479. Secondly, the high-rise Room A of Jiayun Building has a usable area of ​​202 square feet and is changed to RMB 4 million. The price is 19,802 yuan.

Taikoo Shing transaction 3 temporary records this month

Second-hand property prices have reached record highs, but trading volume is still at a low level. Taikoo City Quarry Bay temporarily recorded 3 transactions this month. Although it was similar to the same period in June, it was significantly lower than the same period in May. . The transaction included the lower floor B of Green Yangge, with a saleable area of ​​1,015 square feet, which was sold at 21.7 million yuan. The cost of the same-type unit at the end of last year was 19.8 million yuan, about 10% higher than the average price of 21,379 yuan.