Kwai Chung Government to develop public housing estates

A government site in Ching On Kwai Road is being developed for public housing development. It provides 700 public housing flats. Some people object to the development of community facilities. The Planning Department considers that the project will reserve some facilities for building social welfare facilities. Revised.

The Government will review the Kwai Chung Outline Zoning Plan for the Government. It is a government site at the junction of the new Kwai Road and Kwai Chung Road in Kwai Chung. It is proposed to renovate public housing and provide 700 flats.

During the consultation period, the program received 2 comments, one of which expressed objection and suggested that the site should be reserved for community facilities. In the public housing estates which will be built in the future, the Housing Department will provide social welfare facilities such as the elderly and the Nursing and Child Care Centres in the public. It is believed that the proposed site should be maintained as a public housing development and can be completed in 2023.