Xihuan Houhe Street floor shop is sold for 78 million

Benefiting from the opening of the West Link of the MTR Island Island, it is a western part of the traditional Minsheng District. The potential for appreciation of its bunks has also been greatly enhanced. It has attracted more and more owners who have been holding goods for many years to wait for the sale. Among them, it is located at the Houhe Street Shop. For sale, the intent price is about 78 million yuan.

Xie Jiaming, senior director of the business department of Zhongyuan (Industrial and Commercial), said that the store site is the 4th, 5th and 6th floors and the patio on the ground floor of No. 19, Houhe Street, Xihuan. The floor area is about 2,360 square feet and the patio area is about 560 square feet. The total area is about 2,920 square feet, the intention price is about 78 million yuan, and the price is about 26,712 yuan. The upper address will be sold in the form of Jiaoji. It is reported that the landlord is a veteran investor and the former tenant operates a restaurant with a monthly rent of $110,000. At present, he also rents $120,000 for the monthly rent and rents about $41.

Gradual transformation in the region

Xie said that the site is located in the Minsheng District, surrounded by residential areas. The area is also gradually transforming, becoming a gathering place for foreigners, middle-class and yupi people. The strong consumption power is conducive to tenants operating catering business in the vicinity. With the proximity of a group of consumers, the site can be suitable for the operation of continental restaurants, which can cater to the tastes of the residents. In addition, many shops in the street operate the catering industry, creating synergies and driving business.

For the latest transaction in the same district, it is the 4th floor and the attic of Yu Fuk Building, 1/1A, Sheung Wan Street. It covers an area of ​​about 1,600 square feet and is leased for about $120,000. The average rent is about $75 and the other is 78. The ground floor of No. 86, with an area of ​​about 1,120 square feet, was leased for about 49 yuan.