The price of the two shops in Chuanlong Street, Tsuen Wan is over 100 million.

The shops in the Minsheng District are not inferior to the street shops in the core areas, especially the surrounding people’s livelihood areas. The flow of people is endless, and the rental returns are more stable. For example, two new shops in Tsuen Wan Chuan Long Street, which were recently put up for sale, have an intent price of $38 million and $76.8 million respectively.

Even the lease is on sale and the return is 2.4%.

Bao Changhua, the director of Midland Wangpu, said that the two storefronts that were simultaneously on sale were located in Chuanlong Street, Tsuen Wan, and at the same time, even the leases were released, and the rental returns were stable, which is expected to be sought after by investors. Among them, it is located at Shop C, G/F, Dechang Building, 41-47 Chuanlong Street, with an area of ​​about 693 square feet. The owner’s intention price is 38 million yuan, and the price is 54,834 yuan. The unit is even on lease, and the current monthly rent is about 77,000. Yuan, the rent return is up to 2.4%.

The other is for sale at No. 7 Chuanlong Street, with an area of ​​about 1,000 square feet. The other is about 800 square feet. The owner’s intention price is about 76.8 million yuan, and the price is about 42,667 yuan. The shop is currently rented by two tenants. The monthly rental income reached 153,000 yuan, and the new buyer can enjoy a rental return of 2.4%.

The core area of ​​the district is extremely crowded

According to Bao, the two shops are located in the core area of ​​the Liwan District. They are close to the crowded flow of Qianshuihui and Nanfeng Center. The traffic is very convenient. It is only a few steps away from the Chuanlong Street Minibus Terminal and goes to the MTR Tsuen Wan. The station is only a few minutes walk away. The surrounding Daweifang, Erweifang, Sanweifang famous food street and Zhong’an Street are also the concentrated places of the people’s livelihood shops in the area.

With the completion of large-scale residential buildings in the district in recent years, the shops in the district continue to be concerned by investors. For example, in mid-April this year, the ground floor of No. 95 Chuanlong Street, with an area of ​​about 1,000 square feet, was accepted by investors for 78 million yuan. The price is about 78,000 yuan. The ground floor of Dahe Road No. 10-20 is about 600 square feet. It was just received by investors in May for about 58 million yuan. The price is about 96,667 yuan. As for the neighboring Sanchafang 14 to Shop No. C, G/F, On On Building, 18, with an area of ​​about 1,020 sq. ft., and an additional 800 sq. ft. into the attic. It is about $34 million. The price is about $18,681. It is reported that the original business has been in charge for more than 52 years and the book has been profitable. More than 3,300,000 yuan.

For the same area rental transaction, please refer to Shop 1, G/F, Haitian Haoyuan, No. 88 Chuanlong Street. The area is about 752 square feet. It was recently leased for about 150,000 yuan, and the lease was about 199 yuan.