The property market is hot. Last month, the spicy tax was 5.6 billion. The BSD was 1.7 billion. The pennant was paid 90 million yuan.

The local property market is hot. In June, the government’s “3D” spicy tax revenue surged 60.7% to 5.568 billion yuan, a new monthly high since the official launch of the three major spicy taxes in 2014. Among them, the buyer’s stamp duty (BSD) revenue accounted for 1.718 billion yuan, which was 1 times higher than that in May. It also hit a new high since the BSD was launched on October 27, 2012. The house from the Chinatown Group’s Jiulongtang Xianwen Lishi A is sold. Foreign buyers paid BSD spicy tax of 88.89 million yuan, becoming the largest case of spicy tax last month.

According to the latest figures from the Inland Revenue Department, the Special Stamp Duty (SSD), which reflects the situation of short-term investors, recorded a total of 445.58 million yuan in June, a 4% increase in the month, involving 60 cases and 3 cases per month. Among them, more than one year of holding goods and less than three years of buying more homes, involving 55 cases and 43.345 million yuan.

The number of cases in which the goods were held for less than 6 months involved 3 cases and 506,000 yuan. The number of cases involving more than 6 months but less than 12 months involved 2 cases and 707,000 yuan.

Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD), which is a buyer’s stamp duty (BSD), is a 15% tax on property transactions to non-residents or non-individuals as a “3D" spicy tax for foreign visitors or corporate customers. One recorded a “quantity decline" in June, involving 340 cases during the period, a decrease of 16% month-on-month, but involving a tax of 1.718 billion yuan, doubling monthly, setting a new monthly tax high. .

According to the information, the largest amount of BSD is the No. A house in New Territories, Hong Kong, which is owned by the Chinatown Group. It has a saleable area of ​​4,380 square feet, with 1,177 square meters of roof and 2309 square gardens. It was connected with a total of 296.3 million yuan last month. Two parking spaces were sold at a price of 68,493 yuan. In view of the fact that the buyer is not a resident of Hong Kong or a non-individual name, it is subject to a BSD tax of $88.89 million, which is the largest case of the last month.

The second suite paid 3,905 spicy stamps (Double Stamp Duty, DSD) and new residential ad valorem stamp duty (DSD2). The turnover in June was 3.805 billion yuan, the highest in the past 18 months. 48%, involving 3,905 cases, a slight increase of 3.9% month-on-month. The above situation reflects that many investors have entered the market to buy a second flat to collect rent. However, it is also possible to “change the flat". As long as the new owner sells the original property in the next year, he can still ask the tax bureau to refund the tax. .