Tianzhu temporarily received 3,400 votes and exceeded 9.5 times

Tianzhu temporarily received 3,400 votes and exceeded 9.5 times.

The new disk was actively deployed with a prosperous atmosphere, and this month’s multi-disc was launched, which led to Xiaoyangchun before the Spring Festival. Tai Po Tianzhu pushes the market price at a low price, with a temporary receipt of about 3,400 votes, and an excess of 9.5 times. It is expected to be pushed within the day; Tuen Mun THE CARMEL will upload the book in the short term.

The first-hand market is temporarily warming up, and developers are pushing the market faster. After the launch of 324 gangs at the low market price of China Overseas (00688) Tai Po Tiandeng, the past weekend attracted large approved buyers to visit the demonstration units. According to market news, the temporary receipt was about 3,400 votes, and the excess was 9.5 times. Yu Weiguang, managing director of China Overseas Real Estate, said that it will increase the price in response to market reaction. The new batch will have room for price increase. It will be launched as soon as possible and will be released within the week.

Tuen Mun THE CARMEL is on sale in the month

THE CARMEL, a subsidiary of Wing Tai Real Estate (00369), will also be launched shortly. The project will provide 178 teams, including 48 bungalows and 130 tiered units. The flats will be open to 5 bedrooms with a saleable area of ​​approximately 270 to 4,000 square feet. . The developer will announce the latest sales deployment today. It is expected that the building will be uploaded within the day and will be available for sale within the month. The other section of the Qinglan Highway Dalan Section is a new series of “Upper Gold Coast”. The total sales area of ​​the project is about 147,000 square feet, of which the house accounts for about 60% of the total. The rest is a tiered unit, which is mainly used for garden houses. Zhong Zhilin, executive director and sales and marketing director of Wing Tai Real Estate Development, said that he would consider selling the houses in the form of tenders.

In addition to Tianzhu and THE CARMEL, Xindi (00016) Ma Tau Kok Downtown 38 and New World (00017) will also be sold shortly, involving 2,320 people, which is expected to drive the new Pan Xiaochun.

The new market recorded nearly 60 transactions in the past two days, down 70% from about 200 in the previous week. Kwun Tong Kaihui sold 118 groups on Saturday (5th), with a total of 41 groups in 2 days. The two phases were over 1,400, and the cash is over $17.4 billion. There were also 6 transactions in Haitang Bay, Yau Tong. The transaction price ranged from 3.936 million to 5.452 million yuan, and the price was 18,923 to 20,784 yuan.

In the first month of this year, 4 new orders have been recorded, including Room D, 7th Floor, 7th Floor, He Wentian Tianzhu, with a usable area of ​​1,576 square feet. The buyer bought at about 50.63 million yuan at the end of last year. The latest shows that the transaction has not progressed. The loss of material is about 2.53 million yuan, which is the largest order of this month.