Taxation Bureau: There is no notice of strengthening the rent collection and management of rent

Taxation Bureau: There is no notice of strengthening the rent collection and management of rent

When thousands of wage earners began to report personal income tax special deductions to the tax bureau, a potential game has begun.

When renters want to receive a special deduction for 1,500 yuan per month, they need to give the landlord’s name, ID number, housing address and other information to the tax bureau. This makes the landlord worry that he may be taxed by the tax bureau to check the rental housing, because the current situation is that many landlords renting houses do not pay taxes, and a few landlords do not even want the tenants to deduct the rent tax.

The Inland Revenue Department also faces a dilemma. If the above-mentioned special deduction information is used to strictly levy taxes, it will face the possibility of an increase in the tax burden of renters and landlords, and the taxation of the tax will not be reduced. If it is not strictly taxed, There may be a risk of not being taxed according to law and there is a risk of malfeasance. In response to this, according to the First Financial Report, a number of people in the tax bureau said that it is unlikely that the local authorities will use the special deduction information for rent to check whether the rent income of the landlord is taxed. The State Administration of Taxation has no notice to strengthen the collection and management.

However, under the current tax law, renting a house requires taxation according to law, and taxpayers should abide by it.

Under the current downward pressure on the economy, tax reduction and fee reduction are the main theme. Therefore, many analysts believe that the current tax bureau is less likely to strengthen the tax collection and management of landlord rental housing, and it is still maintaining the status quo for quite some time.

Shi Zhengwen, director of the Center for Finance and Tax Research at China University of Political Science and Law, said that it is imperative that the relevant departments introduce transitional policies as soon as possible, such as tax exemption for rental housing rents within a certain amount, thereby reducing the risk of both parties and stabilizing the tax cuts in the market. The expectation of the fee.