Dongjiao Road Shop is a short-term rental of 200,000 per month

Dongjiao Road Shop is a short-term rental of 200,000 per month.

Christmas is over, and another golden season for the Chinese New Year is coming. It has always been the main short-term tenant of the Lunar New Year period. It is a closed shop. It has been opened in recent months. Among them, the most densely populated in Causeway Bay. A total of at least 6 cases of the main street have been rented, and half of the shops are abandoned by the pharmacy. After the rent, immediately, the rent is on the top of the short-term rent, and the most expensive monthly rent is about 200,000 yuan.

The short-term rental of the core area is a closed shop. It has been renting the main street shops around Christmas to welcome the Lunar New Year. Due to the improvement in the vacancy rate of the shop in 2019, the profit is that the store has not been able to occupy the first-line lot and can only rent in the surrounding area.

There are a total of 6 Lee Wings in Causeway Bay, which is the largest in the core area. The rent is the highest at Shop G22, G/F, Chi On Building, 24-26 East Point Road. The gross floor area is about 416 square meters. The profit is 20 per month. Short-term rent of 10,000 yuan, about 481 yuan.

6 similar cases in Wang Street, Causeway Bay

The above-mentioned shop was held by Chen Zhuo-nan, a non-executive director of Agile (03383). The original pharmacy was rented at a monthly rent of 360,000 yuan until November 2018. Although the owner has reduced it to 350,000 yuan, the pharmacy still gave up the lease renewal. The shop was then rented out in short-term rent to avoid losing time in the peak season of consumption. The short-term rental price was lower than the rent price of 150,000 yuan or 42.9%.

There are also shops in the same district. After the pharmacy is withdrawn, the temporary short-term rental is for the store. Located at No. 1 and No. 2, G/F, Kyoto Plaza, 491-499 Lockhart Road, the building area is about 884 square meters. The original pharmacy was rented for 155,000 yuan per month to March 2019, but it was early on Christmas Eve. The landlord has changed the short-term rent of the shop. The monthly rent is 100,000 yuan, and the rent is about 113 yuan. Compared with the current market, the long-term rent is 210,000 yuan, which is 110,000 yuan or 52.4% lower.

Difficult to change the new customer strategy

In addition, the original shop was rented by the pharmacy, rented at No. 39-47, Lee Garden Road, Block H, G/F, Block 540. The tenant was about to evacuate and has been lost for nearly half a year. It was rented at $120,000 per month on Christmas Eve. Lee is a shop, and the lease is about 222 yuan. It is understood that the shop is renting 250,000 yuan per month.

According to industry insiders, since the pharmacy is one of the industries with strong renting capacity in recent years, once the pharmacy does not plan to renew the lease, it is difficult to obtain new tenants with similar rents in the short term.

In addition, the ground floor of No. 65 Persian Street in the same area, the building area is about 850 square meters, the former tenant glasses 88 moved out at the end of 2017, the 2018 Lunar New Year period is the short-term rent of the store, but the rent is short-term rent After the appointment, the shop has not been able to rent out. And the year before the Lunar New Year, the same rent was short-term rent, with a monthly rent of about 100,000 yuan and a rent of about 118 yuan, which is similar to last year.