Tianzhu 3 days to receive more than 3,400 votes and a half-load high

Tianzhu 3 days to receive more than 3,400 votes and a half-load high. Day or price increase and push this week’s first round of sales

This year’s first new artillery is a diamond in Tai Po. Developer China Overseas (00688) announced the first batch of 324 price lists on Thursday (3rd), with an average price of 12,800 yuan, the first weekend of this year (5 On the 6th and 6th), the demonstration units will be open for prospective buyers to visit and collect tickets. This is the current trend of ticketing and the appearance of “explosive" sales offices. In the past weekend, the ticket was up, and the market reported that Tianzhu had collected more than 3,400 sheets from last Friday (4th) to yesterday (6th) for 3 days, surpassing 9.49 times, becoming the first period after Kwun Tong Kaihui. In the past six months, the number of invoices was calculated to be the second highest in the first three days. It is expected that the developers will push the units within the day and there will be room for price increases.

The first price list of Tianzhu was attacked at the market price, and it was the new one with the lowest average price in the past three months. It successfully set off the ticketing craze. In the past two days (the first weekend of this year), the demonstration unit at the lobby of the Kowloon Bay International Trade Centre was opened. A large number of people queued up to the sales office at about 3 pm yesterday. The dragons continued to appear “snake cakes", waiting for an average of 20 More than a minute to enter the exhibition hall.

More than 10,000 visits in 2 days

People are not only appearing in the underground lobby. After entering the exhibition hall, the situation is more lively. It is roughly estimated that there are hundreds of people present at the same time. There are small people waiting for the entrance in front of each demonstration unit. The situation is even more than last December. The first phase of Kwun Tong Kai Shui, which was developed by Stanley (00083), was even worse. Visitors were rushing to “explode" sales offices. Some agents even used “suffocation" to describe the visit.

As far as the reporters are concerned at the sales office, there is a large number of family guests in the Lou Lou, and many young couples are present. Market participants estimate that there are tens of thousands of visitors in the past two days.

The daily admission fee was only 4.388 million yuan, which attracted many first-time visitors to visit. Mr. Liu, who lives in Kwun Tong, pointed out that although the location of Tianzhu is far away, the price is appropriate. It is intended to squander about 5 million yuan to purchase a one-bedroom unit for use on board. Mr. Liu admits that the current property price is still too high. Although the market is expected to cool down the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike this year, the interest rate has little effect on the property market. The trade war is still the biggest external factor affecting the property market, and the US President Trump policy is blunt. The direction is difficult to predict, and the property market will continue to be downward. However, it is believed that the purchase unit will be self-occupied, and the impact of falling property prices will be limited.

The first price list 324 pairs exceeded 9.5 times

Tianzhu successfully set off the influx of tickets. In the past 2 days, the number of tickets per day reached more than 1,000. In the past, more than 1,400 tickets were recorded in a single day. According to market news, as of 8 o’clock last night, the property received more than 3,400 votes, with the first price list of 324 buddies, over 9.41 times, and the sales of the first three days in the past six months. No. 2, second only to the first phase of Kwun Tong Kaihui, which received more than 3,500 tickets in the first three days.

Yu Weiguang, managing director of China Overseas Real Estate, said on Saturday (5th) that the atmosphere of the Tianzhu visit was enthusiastic, considering the short-term increase, and there is room for price increase, which is expected to be the first round of sales this week.

The Tianzhu, located at No. 8 Shantang Road, Tai Po, consists of 17 buildings, providing 1,620 people, with a usable area of ​​334 to 1388 square meters. It is expected to be completed by the end of January 2021.