10 big estates continued quietly 2 days 5 transactions

10 big estates continued quietly 2 days 5 transactions

The focus of the market is on the new market in Tai Po. The second-hand is quiet. In the past, there were 5 transactions in 10 big estates on Saturday and Sunday, and one increase per week. The first large city in Sha Tin was released for two months, with a price reduction of 3.05 million to 9.85 million yuan.

Although the 4 major agents have grown on Saturday and Sunday, the top 10 housing estates are still at a low level, all of which are unit numbers. Central Plains recorded 5 transactions, an increase of one per week; Meilian Property recorded 6 transactions in two days, 50% per week, and 6 in the housing estates; There were 7 cases in Zhou Zeng; 3 transactions were recorded in Hong Kong property listings, which increased by 2 per week (Note: There are differences between the top 4 and the 10 major housing estates).

One city suite 3 rooms, reduced price of 3.05 million

In the first city of Shatin, another big family fell below 10 million yuan. Century 21 Qifeng Zhou Shuping said that the second floor of Room B of the first city of Shatian, with a usable area of ​​819 square feet, is a three-bedroom processing room, and the unit is released for about 2 months. The original offer price was 12.9 million yuan, and the current price was reduced to 9.85 million yuan, a decrease of 3.05 million yuan. The selling price is market price, and the practical price is 12,027 yuan. The original owner bought it at 3.28 million yuan in 2004 and earned 6.57 million yuan on the book.

In addition, the Haiyi Peninsula quality home price reduction of 10%, Central Plains real estate Lu Jinghao said that the unit is 23A high-rise A room, a practical area of ​​584 square feet, is a quality household. The head of households sold for $10.8 million in December last year, and now it was sold for 9.73 million yuan, a decrease of nearly 10% and a price of 16,661 yuan. At present, the asking price of similar units is between RMB 10.5 million and RMB 11 million.

In addition, the East Ring of Tung Chung District is a unique show. Since January, the district has temporarily recorded 4 transactions, all of which are for sale in the East Ring, with a price of less than 6 million yuan. Among them, 2B is a middle-level 10 room with an area of ​​379 square feet, with a change of 5.3 million yuan. The price is 13,984 yuan.