The middle level of Shun Tak Centre was 54.72 million yuan

The middle level of Shun Tak Centre was 54.72 million yuan.

Recently, Hong Kong’s economy has shown signs of weakening, but it has not affected the commercial market. However, the supply of commercial buildings in the core area has been in short supply, resulting in short-selling transactions in the market. A mid-level unit in the west wing of the Shun Tak Centre in Sheung Wan just took out with a price of 54.72 million yuan (sold before the transaction was completed). The original owner earned about 1.9 million yuan in about 3 months.

According to sources, the 10th floor of the 16th floor of the West Wing of Shun Tak Centre has a construction area of ​​about 1440 square meters. It is about $54.72 million. The price is about 38,000 yuan. The unit market value is about 80 yuan, and the rental return is about 2.5%.

According to the Land Registry, the original owner of the unit purchased only 47.704 million yuan in March this year. It was only about 3 months after the transaction. It was sold before the completion of the transaction. The book profit was 7.01568 million yuan or 14.7%. After deducting stamp duty and commission, etc. After the expenditure, it is expected to earn about 1.9 million yuan.

Patek 230 million to buy Chunyuan Street

In addition, the Land Registry Information, Shop Nos. 2-6, G/F, Wing Lee Building, 32-38 Chun Wan Street, Wan Chai, has a gross floor area of ​​about 2562 square feet. It was purchased by Patek Group Limited for $232.8 million and the price was about $90,867. The shop is now subletted to a number of tenants, with a monthly rent of $450,000.

The new company’s director of the Patek Group is Liang Jiaxin. The information shows that this person has assisted New World (00017) or related parties to acquire old buildings, which is expected to be the acquisition. Rongli Building was completed in 53 years and has 32 residential units and 6 other grounds.