Have confidence in Hong Kong, deployment has not changed

Emperor: Have confidence in Hong Kong, deployment has not changed

Gao Yin Finance (00530) earlier abandoned the Kai Tak commercial site. Zhang Bingqiang, executive director of Emperor International (00163), said that he did not comment on the behavior of individual companies, stressed that the group had confidence in the prospects of Hong Kong, and the distribution of real estate sales has not changed.

Zhang Bingqiang believes that the rigid demand and external demand in the market are still eager, but based on the sales of more than 10,000 people in the new market this year, the property market is time to consolidate, so the short-term property market is expected to be quiet for the first five months, and the long-term prospects for the property market are still optimistic. The sales of small and medium-sized units in the future are not pessimistic.

Regarding whether there will be a repurchase this year, Chief Financial Officer Zhu Weiming said that it will be decided depending on the market conditions at that time.