Long Yuzheng ordered a buyer’s loss of 2.81 million

Long Yuzheng ordered a buyer’s loss of 2.81 million

The new market has repeatedly issued a number of cases this month. Poly Real Estate (00119)’s Kowloon East Kai Tak Long Yu, the latest one recorded a big order, the buyer lost more than 2.81 million deposits in one month, this month The largest.

The case of Long Yuzhen was 3 A2 duplexes on the 2nd and 3rd floors. It was purchased in May this year for 28.31 million yuan. It was decided on the day before the police disbanded the demonstrators in the Golden Bell on Wednesday (12th). Abandoning the unit, the loss of 10% deposit is about 2,813,800 yuan.

New disk temporarily recorded 7 abandonment this month

Zhuangshi China (00298) also has a case for the order of the Tinghai, which is the T-room on the 13th floor. The unit was sold at the beginning of April this year for 3,795,800 yuan. The buyer ordered to leave this month, and the loss was half-financed. 190,000 yuan. The number of new orders for this month has increased to seven.

In recent days, there were only a few new transactions in the new market. Xindi (00016) Changsha Bay Nanchang Station was built on the first floor of the building. The latest bid was to sell the 12th floor of Room B, with a usable area of ​​1,700 square feet, sold for 46.647 million yuan. The price was 27,439 yuan; in addition, the trading of the price of the company was recorded at the price of 7.12 million to 19,945,400. yuan.