The extension of the Kai Tak runway residential site was temporarily closed

The extension of the Kai Tak runway residential site was temporarily closed. The government officially stopped opening the anti-demonstration.

Recently, the controversy over the revision of the Fugitive Offenders Regulations has been heating up. The demonstrations on Wednesday (12th) have triggered a fierce conflict between the police and the people. The government’s land sales deployment was also disrupted twice this week. The commercial and hotel site (hereinafter referred to as 4C4 land), which was originally approved in the 4th District of Kowloon East, which was approved for about 11.124 billion yuan last month, was first worried on Tuesday (11th) by the buyer Gao Yin Finance (00530). Social contradictions and other reasons have been set. As for the residential area of ​​No. 1 Linhai District No. 1 in the same district with a valuation of 14.29 billion yuan (hereinafter referred to as 4C1 land), it is scheduled to be closed at noon today, also due to the passage to the bidding box at the Admiralty Government Headquarters. Obstructed and rarely requires an extension. Some people in the industry estimate that the government’s move is to avoid market confidence due to the fact that there are too few bidding consortia or flow standards. It is expected that the tender closing time will be delayed by at least two weeks.

A large-scale police-civilian conflict broke out on Wednesday. The Administration announced on Thursday at 6 am that the government headquarters was temporarily closed yesterday and today. The Central Tender Committee responsible for tendering was also announced more than three hours later. The public passage of the “Government Headquarters Tender Box" at Wing Wai was blocked. The tendering items to be placed in the tender box before 12 noon today will delay the tender closing time until further announcement. The committee will resume after the passage is resumed. , announce the latest closing time as soon as possible.

Liang Zhijian pointed out that the treatment method is reasonable

In addition to the information on different government departments, apart from the impact of the tender for the 4C1 residential site, the tendering procedure for the second phase of the construction of the Kai Tak Station Plaza was also scheduled to be closed at noon today. The Government has not announced the new project. Bidding time.

Located in the 4C area of ​​the 4C area in front of the sea in the runway area of ​​Kai Tak Development Area, the bidding process for 3 plots was not smooth. First, the commercial and hotel area of ​​No. 5C in Area 4C. In January this year, the bid price did not reach the government’s reserve price. And the flow of the sign ends.

As for the 4C4 land that Gao Yin Finance won last month for about 11.124 billion yuan, on Tuesday, “the recent social conflicts and economic instability will have a negative impact on the growth of the commercial real estate market in Hong Kong". For the 4C1 land that was originally scheduled to be closed today, the tender may also be postponed.

Expect to delay the two-week anti-flow mark at least

For the 4C1 land needs to be postponed, the market generally understands. Mr. Leung Chi-kin, Chairman of Wheelock Properties, pointed out that the group had already planned to enter the 4C1 site, but believed that the extension was a reasonable treatment and admitted that the current social situation, the developer “is (with regard to market conditions) completely no (reserved) is a fake “."

Lin Haowen, executive director of the Knight Frank and director of the Valuation and Consulting Department, believes that the recent Kai Tak commercial site, plus Sino-US trade disputes and social movements, etc., if there are too few or too few bids in the 4C1 land, Both have an impact on market confidence. It is estimated that the government does not want to bear any potential risks. The closing time is “at least two weeks behind."

However, the industry has not significantly changed the valuation of 4C1 land with an area of ​​about 120,053 square meters. The land for building has a floor area of ​​approximately 741,374 square meters. The market valuation is about 12.14 billion to 14.29 billion yuan. 17,000 to 20,000 yuan.

4C1 valuation maintained at a minimum of 12.1 billion

Zhang Shengdian, Executive Director of Pu’er and Director of Corporate Development (valuation and property management) believes that the current social disputes affect the temporary nature of the short-term nature. I believe that the market outlook is more affected by Sino-US trade disputes, interest rate changes and new pricing. As a result, the valuation of the 4C1 full sea view luxury residential area is maintained at approximately 12.14 billion yuan.

In addition, the Government’s land tendering tendering site has been changed twice in the past five years. It was first affected by the occupation in September 2014. The tendering site was changed from the Government Secretariat to the “Government Logistics Services Tender Box" at the ground floor of the North Point Government Offices. It was not until November last year that it returned to the government headquarters.

As early as September last year, the Government had already included clauses in the land sales regulations, indicating that if the access to the tender box was blocked from 9 am to 12 noon on the tender closing date, the tender cutoff would be required.

According to the Lands Department’s plan, in addition to the 4C1 land, there are two tenders for the Kai Tak District in this quarter, including the No. 1 residential area in Area 4A, which will be closed on July 19, and the Cheng Kai Road to be announced. Adjacent to Kai Tak Sports Park commercial and hotel land.