Rong Zhi Jianzi 110 million purchase Baohua Building Duplex

Rong Zhi Jianzi 110 million purchase Baohua Building Duplex

The old mansion was sought after by the rich family. The former chairman of CITIC (00267), former chairman of CITIC Pacific, Rong Zhijian, the second son of Rongming, invested 113 million yuan to purchase the high-rise duplex unit of Baohua Building in Repulse Bay. The price was over RMB 39,000. Both the price and the price of the property have reached a new high.

I bought the adjoining F room 6 years ago.

According to the Land Registry, the duplex unit of the E-room of the Baohua Building has a usable area of ​​2,893 square feet. The original plan is 4 rooms. It was purchased by Andy Yung Ming Tai on the 24th of last month with a parking space of 113 million yuan. The price is 39,060 yuan. New buyers are only required to pay a flat stamp duty of 4.25%, or about $4.825 million, to enter the market with the first qualification. The original owner of the unit is Kerry Trading Co., Ltd., and the directors include Kerry (00683) Guo’s family members Guo Konghua and Guo Kongfu. They were purchased in 2001 for 15 million yuan, holding goods for 18 years, and the book profit was 98 million yuan, which was more than 6.5. Times.

Baohua Building is a veteran mansion in the Southern District. The building has reached 56 years old. The Rongzhijian family has a special liking for this estate. According to the data, Mrs. Rong Zhijian, Ren Shunmi, purchased the F room adjacent to the upper site for 70 million yuan in 2013. The practical area is 2578 square meters, and the price is 27,153 yuan. In the 6 years, the Rongzhijian family invested a total of 183 million yuan to purchase the connected units of Baohua Building.

Junlin world builds 64,000 this year high

The transaction price of the luxury home was hard and the news pointed out that there was a very high-rise room A of the 2nd floor of the Kowloon Station in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. The usable area of ​​1061 square 呎 3 bedroom sea view unit was sold for $68.68 million. The price was 64,731 yuan. Yuan Xingao. The original owner purchased it for 12.03 million yuan in 2004, and the book profit was 56.65 million yuan, an appreciation of 4.7 times.

In addition, Huang Jianye, chairman of Midland Group (01200), analyzed that the Sino-US trade war has not subsided, Hong Kong’s political turmoil, social grievances, and the property market are hard to avoid the impact. Although the property price has just reached a new high, it is believed to have “short-term peaking". . However, based on the serious imbalance between supply and demand in the property market and the fact that the United States has the opportunity to cut interest rates and support property prices, it is expected that property prices will “shortly rise and fall” in the short-term, and the long-term market will not fall.

Under the uncertain political and economic prospects, the Golden Lion Garden in Tai Wai has a landlord’s price reduction of $600,000, but it has been closed. The unit is the second floor of the lower floor of Jingui Pavilion, Block B, Golden Lion Garden. The original plan is a tenant household with a practical area of ​​282 square meters. The original price is 5.2 million yuan. The owner is interested in immigration, and the price is reduced by 600,000 yuan or 11.5% to 460. Ten thousand yuan for sale, the price of 16312 yuan, about 8% lower than the market price. However, Li Xiangjia, the property manager of Lijiage Real Estate, said that the unit owner had closed yesterday.