One city fine 2 rooms 5.25 million lowest in recent months

One city fine 2 rooms 5.25 million lowest in recent months

Political factors and Sino-US trade wars and other news, plagued the second-hand property market, the owner reduced the price of the first city of Shatian, 2 rooms, the transaction price of 5.25 million yuan, the most flat in the past month.

The news pointed out that the 52nd low-rise E room in the first city of Shatian, with an area of ​​284 square feet, looks at the inner garden landscape. Midland Realty Sales Manager Chen Yuyan pointed out that the unit offered a price of 5.35 million yuan, a price reduction of 100,000 yuan, and a price of 5.52 million yuan. The price was 18,486 yuan. Looking up the record, the flattest unit cost in May was 5.35 million yuan, which means that the price of the second home is the most flat in the housing market in the past month. It is worth mentioning that the 44-story E-room of the estate has the same size and direction. It was sold out in 5.4 million yuan in April this year. In contrast, the property price is nearly 3% higher than that of the same household in April.

Secondly, Meifu Xincun temporarily recorded 7 transactions this month, the number of which was similar to that of the previous month. Lin Haicheng, the chief senior sales manager of Midland Realty, pointed out that the latest transaction included Room D, No. 30 Lanxiu Road, with an area of ​​910 square feet and a price of 1,530. Ten thousand yuan, a price reduction of 630,000 yuan, with a total of 16.67 million yuan, the price of 16,121 yuan, is a market price.

Tung Chung upgrades 6 million 沽 low valuation 14%

In addition, many owners have reduced their prices to 6 million yuan or below, which will attract the passengers to take over 80% of the mortgages. Tung Chung upgraded 10 high-rise F room, with a saleable area of ​​434 square feet, belonging to 1 room interval. The owner originally requested a price of 6.4 million yuan. After the bargaining, it was changed to 6 million yuan and the price was 13,825 yuan. The original owner purchased the unit for 3.61 million yuan in 2013, and the profit for the 6-year period was 2.39 million yuan.

According to the data, the online valuation of the above-mentioned bank reached 6.94 million yuan, that is, the owner underestimated about 14% of the goods. In fact, the middle floor F room with a floor of less than 10 floors on the same floor of Xiamen has changed hands by 6.2 million yuan in May. The cost of the high-rise units was 200,000 yuan lower, reflecting the owner’s confidence in the market outlook.

Secondly, the high-rise C room of the 1st floor of Tsuen Wan Tsuen Kam, with an area of ​​375 square feet, was originally called the price of 6.2 million yuan. It just changed hands by 6 million yuan, which is about 3% lower than the bank’s estimate of 6.17 million yuan, and the average price is 16,000 yuan.

Taikoo City, Quarry Bay recorded the second transaction this month. The third floor of the Xia Gongge Middle Floor, with a saleable area of ​​702 square feet, was offered at a price of RMB 16.5 million. The price was reduced by RMB 300,000 to RMB 16.2 million, which is a new high in the same type of property. The price is 23,077 yuan.

In addition, the CVI, which reflects the Central Plains Valuation Index (main bank), was last reported at 79.82 points, down 0.39 points per week. It fell below the 80-point level for the first time in 14 weeks, reflecting uncertainties and affecting the valuation of the property market and banks.