Yau Tong transition residential area of ​​nearly 9800 people

With the transformation of the Yau Tong Bay Project and the Yau Tong Industrial Estate, there will be a number of large residential projects in the future, involving a total of 9,800, including more than 6,500 pond projects.

The industrial development in the Yau Tong area is concentrated in the waterfront, including the Yau Tong Bay Development Area adjacent to Yau Tong Road, Cha Kwo Ling Road, and Yau Tong Industrial Zone in Dongyuan Street and Sanshan Street. The total area is close to 30 hectares.

Among them, 11 developers of Hengdian (00012) and Wheelock (00020) have signed a cooperation agreement with more than 30 manufacturers in the region for more than 30 years ago. District to rebuild large residential and commercial areas.

Initially, it was planned to reclamation and build up to 13.3 million flats. However, it was later prohibited by the Protection of the Harbor Ordinance on reclamation in the harbor. It was necessary to abandon reclamation and scale. In recent years, the scheme was proposed to develop 6,556 The

Yutang Bay the largest proposed extension of 6556

At present, most of the factories in the Yau Tong Bay area have been demolished. The project has also been awarded the first two phases of the building plans by the Buildings Department. It will build 30 residential buildings involving 3.961 million square feet of residential buildings and 124,000 square feet of non-residential Floor, is expected to provide more than 6,200 groups.

The project is close to the MTR station and the landscape is better. The market is estimated to amount to $ 16 billion to $ 20 billion and $ 4,000 to $ 5,000 per square foot.

As for the remaining development of Yau Tong Bay, the third to the sixth period of development, by Paul Lida (00208), Hong Kong Economic and Trade Chamber of Commerce Li Xiuheng, respectively, held a number of lots, is expected to develop a number of residential and hotels.

In addition, located in Dongyuan Street, Sanshui Street area of ​​Yau Tong Industrial Zone covers an area of ​​19 hectares, as early as 1998 after the review by the Planning Department that there are potential transformation into residential areas, then put the four mountain street area Residential (E) use to promote the redevelopment, while Linhai Dongyuan Street is zoned for the Comprehensive Development Area, with larger redevelopment.

In recent years, the transformation of the region has accelerated, including Hongan real estate (01243) and the interior Xuhui Group (00884) cooperation in the development of the four mountain Street 13 and 15, earlier with the government reached 980 million yuan premium agreement, Land price of about 3,615 yuan. The project will be built on 2-storey shopping malls with 326 flats and a usable area of ​​470 to 1,800 sq ft. The main building will be two and three rooms with a gross floor area of ​​about 272,000 sq. Ft.

Which is in the area of ​​the operation of the refrigerated warehouse Yuexiu, it is proposed in the sea east of the Yau Tong Street Lot No. 4 B, etc., covers an area of ​​about 134,000 square feet of land to build five buildings 23 to 29 High residential, providing about 1,056 units, involving about 630,000 square feet of floor.