Company sales to reduce the last season only recorded 2 cases

Mid-Levels in the third quarter of the company’s business is not much, only two cases, with the focus on McDonald’s Road on the 11th, reflecting the state after the chase.

Concentrated McDonald ‘s Road No. 11 low – level households

Took the lead in July to record low-level households, as early as 16 years in November to 40 million yuan to sell, then the fare increase to 42 million yuan, by the Royal Yao Tong (00932) to sell the form of the company to 39 million yuan to buy , Practical price of 25,129 yuan per square foot, as the market has a reference index, in August recorded another floor slightly higher low-level households, the two are not the same landscape, with the view of Kennedy Road area of ​​the landscape, the latter property prices and then high 2 % Of the sale, to 3,980 million change hands, but due to the sale of the company in the form of resale, the two transactions, relative to the housing on the last one at the end of 2016, a low-level households to 33.3 million yuan turnover, property prices were rising 17 % And nearly 20%.

As the McDonald’s Road on the 11th, is a layer of a group of design, only to provide 26, so the past put and turnover is also very limited, the remaining two for sale, respectively, with the platform 4,800 million and the middle 3,800 million range.

In fact, the current area is the company put the disk of the mansion, only the total put the amount of 1 to 1 into half, in addition to the disk more and more narrow, the price is also about 1% higher than the market price.