Japan City boss 56 million to buy the current location of North Point

There is a price for the shop, and Wei Lixia, the chairman of the international home retail (01373) of the parent company of the Japanese home chain, and the related person, spent 56 million yuan to buy a ground floor rented by the Japanese city of North Point Electric Road.

According to the Land Registry information, the ground floor of No. 100 Electric Road, North Point, has a construction area of about 1,200 square feet. It was purchased by Pride Co., Ltd. for $56 million and the price was about 46,667 yuan. The original owner purchased in September 2003 for 6.28 million yuan, and the book held for 15 years earned 49.72 million yuan, an appreciation of about 7.9 times.

It is understood that the proud director is Wei Lixia, Chairman and Executive Director of International Home Retail. The site is currently leased by Japan City. The monthly rent is about 105,000 yuan. The purchase price is about 2.25%.

In addition, the industrial building recorded a large appreciation of the full-floor units. The 14th floor of Dacheng Building, No. 68-76 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, has a floor area of about 20,100 square feet. It is changed to $73.8 million and the price is $3,672. It is reported that the new buyer is the market contractor Jianhua Group and related parties.