After the Government announced six new housing policies, the property market has turned around and the owners have become more difficult to ship. They have to cut prices to sell flats and directly drag down property prices in various estates. The price of the Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai was from the end of June to the end of last month. The short-term three-month price was 15%. The overall average price fell below the $10,000 mark and became a reflection of the major large housing estates. The only property in the 128-infrastructure housing estates of the Central Plains City Leading Index (CCL), which has a residential property market trend, is less than 10,000 yuan. According to the industry, there are about 200 vacancies in Jiahu Villa, which is about 10% higher than that in the market in July. The accumulation of disk source has intensified the price cut by the owners. The price of 10,000 yuan in the downstairs has doubled from last month. The sale of the estate will be dominated by the transaction below $10,000.

New Territories West led the decline, Yingwan Park fell 11%

Huang Liangsheng, senior co-director of the Central China Real Estate Research Department, said that the government launched six new housing policies 12 weeks ago, and the property price immediately peaked. The CCL turned from continuous to negative, and the price of the West New Territories fell first, leading the overall market to repeat. In the softening stage, the decline of Jiahu Mountain Villa was more significant, with a drop of 15% in 12 weeks, while the Tung Chung Ying Wan Park also recorded a 10.8% decline.

According to the bank’s information, the average price of the Jiahu Villa was only 9656 yuan as of the 30th of last month. It is the only housing estate whose average price has lost 10,000 yuan. The average price of the Daxing Garden in Tuen Mun is only 11,731 yuan. The average price has a chance to fall below 10,000 yuan in the estate. The average price of the estate before the move is 12,328 yuan, which means that it has fallen 4.8% so far.

Ma Lili, deputy regional sales manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, admitted that there are about 200 discs in Jiahu Villa, which has increased by about 10% compared with that in July. Due to the increase in the number of discs and the worsening atmosphere, the bidding price of the owners has gradually softened. The number of flats with a price of less than 10,000 yuan has increased to 30, all of which are three-bedroom units. Compared with only 10 in August and September, the number has increased by a factor of two, which is the first time since March this year. The price of some housing estates is relatively large. For example, there are 5 low-rise B-rooms and 3 bedrooms in Cuihuju. The practical area is 633 square meters, which is reduced from 6.5 million yuan to 5.9 million yuan, a drop of 9.2%. The intention price is only 9321 yuan. Lehuju 9 low-rise B-room units of the same size. In July this year, the transaction price was as high as 7 million yuan, and the price was 11058 yuan, which is 15.7% higher than the higher bid price. Masri said that with the increase in the number of sources within the 10,000 yuan, it is believed that there will be no shortage of three-bedroom units under the 10,000-yuan unit during the year, but the small units will be supported by rigid demand and may not lose the 10,000-yuan mark in the short term.

Wang Shuming, the deputy regional business director of Zhongyuan Real Estate, also believes that with the recent transaction price of Jiahu Villa being “10,000 heads", it is not ruled out that more owners will “snap" the goods in the future, and then the price will be 10,000 yuan. Internal trade is a trend.

Daxing Garden or the next “missing million" object

In respect of Da Hing Garden, Gao Wenfan, Assistant Regional Manager of Midland Real Estate, said that the actual number of real estates in the estate has hovered in about 30 in recent months. No significant changes have been made. However, due to the influence of the market atmosphere, owners have continued to soften. In the past half-month Five owners took the initiative to cut prices, a decrease of about 6.2% to 12.7%. The maximum reduction is 1 period, 4 low-rise D-room and two-bedroom units, with a practical area of ​​428 square meters. The price in mid-September was 5.5 million yuan. At the end of the same month, it fell to 4.8 million yuan, a decrease of 12.7%, but the intention price was 11215 yuan. Keep steady above 10,000 yuan.

Gao Wenfan said that the negative factors in the property market continue to ferment. If the situation deteriorates and the new price is low, the future price of Daxing Garden will not be further reduced. The average price will fall below 10,000 yuan.