Yau Tong Linhai tenders with a valuation of over 1.2 billion

The new market for sale in the Yau Tong District is on the verge of a short-term sale. The land market in the district is also in a state of motion. After the industrial site in Tung Yuen Street, Yau Tong, has changed hands in recent months, the former executive director of Tai Yuen Group, Mr Leung Yue-kung, and the oil held by the relevant parties Linhai Land, No. 44 Tong Gaohui Road, also launched a tender, which was closed on November 30. The market’s valuation of the land is about 1.2 billion to 1.5 billion yuan.

Floor price is 6400 to 8000 yuan

The land that has just been tendered is the No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 of the Yau Tong Waterfront Lot. It covers an area of ​​about 37,500 square feet. It was purchased as early as 1980 with a price of about 14.25 million yuan. It is led by Henderson Land (00012). The Bay Comprehensive Development Project (hereinafter referred to as the Yau Tong Bay Project) is located in the same comprehensive development zone. However, Liang has not cooperated with Hengdi to develop the site.

According to the development plan approved by the Town Planning Board in 2015, the No. 44 Gaohui Road site can be used for the development of a full-sea view building, including residential and other uses. The floor area can be approximately 187,496 square meters.

The project was co-exclusively represented by First Pacific Davis and DTZ. Supreme Davis senior director Zhou Dehui pointed out that the Yau Tong Bay project has been in preparation for many years and is expected to be launched in the short term, together with the geographical advantages of land use in the sea, I believe that the above-mentioned coastal areas will be well received by many developers. The Director of the Tak Leung Leung, said that the new purchasers can make limited amendments to the Town Planning Board in respect of the approved Master Development Blueprint. This will save a lot of approval time and enjoy the flexibility of independent development.

According to the information, the Chinese-funded Qingjian International (01240) or the relevant person purchased the industrial site at No. 18 Dongyuan Street, Yau Tong for $530 million in September, with a floor area of ​​approximately 90,000 square meters. (hereinafter referred to as the floor price) about 5889 yuan. According to market analysts, the location of Gaohuidao Land, which is being tendered, is better. The land price can be seen on the first line. The estimated market value is about 1.2 billion to 1.5 billion yuan, and the floor price is about 6,400 to 8,000 yuan.