Hai Aowan has received more than 400 votes.

Jiujian (00034) is actively collecting tickets from Yau Tong Bay, and the developer will push no less than 65 people in the day. It plans to conduct the first round of sales on Sunday (14th) and plans to launch more than 20% of the units.

Yang Congyong, general manager of Jiujian City Marketing and Sales Department, said that Haiao Bay has accumulated more than 400 votes so far, of which 12 are agent tickets. The project will push about 10% of the units within the day, which is expected to be no less than 65, planned for Sunday. For the first round of sales, more than 20% of the units will be sold. It is not yet determined whether there will be a large-scale purchase group. If there is a priority to pick up the building, each group of buyers will purchase at least two groups. The prospective purchasers of the tickets so far are mainly from Kowloon East, accounting for about 40%, and Hong Kong Island East accounts for about 20%.

Yang Congyong continued, the project club named One Coastal Club, the indoor garden area of ​​about 12,000 square meters, facilities including nearly 30 meters of outdoor swimming pool, some facilities such as fitness room will be open 24 hours. Located at No. 1 Leiyumen Trail, Haiao Bay offers 646 gangs with a usable area of ​​179 to 576 square meters. It is expected to enter the end of September next year. The first price list will be launched at 130 baht, and the average price will be RMB 19913.

Nanfeng led the development of the Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Kangcheng LP6 launched a new batch of 242, the average price of 16006 yuan, the accumulated over 500 votes, over 1.1 times. LP6 provides a total of 2,392 people, with a usable area of ​​289 to 2712 square meters, and will be admitted at the end of September 2020.

Yoo 18 BONHAM duplex 140 million new high

The large-scale building reproduces the broken top transaction. Li Wei, senior senior business director of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the bank’s exclusive agent, the Mid-Levels yoo 18 BONHAM, was sold on the 29th and 30th floor of the duplex, and was accepted by the buyer for 140 million yuan. The area is 2,499 square feet, and the price is 56,022 yuan. The transaction price and the price of the price have both reached a new high. The unit cost is nearly 10% higher than the downstairs by the artist Shu Qi in June this year, which was purchased for the 27-27th floor of the 27th to 28th floor. It is reported that the buyer purchased in the name of the company, paying a 30% spicy tax, involving a tax of 42 million yuan, and the total purchase cost increased to 182 million yuan.