Huang Jianye expects the price of the building to fall in gradual decline.

Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue will announce his second “Policy Report" tomorrow (10th). It is expected that there will be a lot of ink on the land and housing supply. Huang Jianye, chairman of Midland Group (01200), called on the government to speed up public-private partnerships to develop agricultural land and balance the proportion of public and private housing to solve the problem of insufficient housing supply. He believes that the current market funds have not subsided. In the fourth quarter, property prices will only recover from the high level by about 3% to 5%, and will fall slowly in a “stepped" manner.

Huang Jianye pointed out that the supply of housing affected the rise and fall of property prices. However, the government’s pressure on housing construction has made it difficult for private housing to meet the standards. The Chief Executive called on the Chief Executive to increase the supply of private housing in the Policy Address so as not to plant the far-reaching reasons for the soaring property prices.

Due to the difficulties in Hong Kong’s land, Huang Jianye suggested that the government accelerate the promotion of public-private partnerships to develop agricultural land in the new Policy Address.

Developers’ agricultural land can build 11 first cities

Huang Jianye pointed out that at present, the four major developers have a reserve of 100 million cubic meters of farmland. If 30% of the land is used as housing land, it can provide 120,000 residential units with a double plot ratio. The scale is already larger than 7 Tianshuiwei Jiahu. Villa (15,580) or 11 Shatian City (10,642). Public and private cooperation is the fastest and most effective way to release land due to the time required for land reclamation.

Regarding the Government’s intention to increase the supply of public housing, Mr Wong expressed his support and considered that it would help rebuild the home ownership ladder. However, private property should not be used to construct public housing and affect the supply of private housing. The provision of residential supply should be “public and private". It is also suggested that the Government should not “add a hot" to the property market.

Recently, the property market has weakened. Huang Jianye believes that even if the factors of the recent month are plagued by the property market, there is no large-scale “falling tide" in Hong Kong. I believe that “the funds will not fall and the property market will not die." The property market will not fall sharply. It will only be “stepped". Slowly falling.

He said that the recent second-hand transaction is “there is a price reduction and a low price", but the unit that asks the price is too high to lower the price in order to facilitate the transaction. On the contrary, the new ones are still “good to sell", reflecting that the purchasing power has not been reduced, but most of them have flowed into the primary market.

Huang Jianye said that the current weak factors are flooding the market, and the stock market is dragged down by the deterioration of the trade war. The property market is also fine-tuned and there is no risk of falling, which is a healthy and normal phenomenon. Due to the abundance of funds, low interest rates, and short supply, the property prices are expected to fall from the high level by about 3% to 5% in this quarter, and still rise by about 8% to 10% throughout the year. He believes that it is extremely difficult for buyers to capture the highest or lowest price of the property. If there is a need for self-use, “the price can enter the market."