The property price fell badly and bought it.

The Hang Seng Index closed at 26,202 points, down 370 points and traded 96.5 billion yuan. The PBOC lowered the standard, but the market felt that it was good news. Instead, it was determined that the government knew that the economic environment was not good and deepened the market fear. Once again, it is proved that the news itself is good and good, and it depends on how the market interprets it. In other words, in the future, in addition to the US President Trump suddenly follow the high-pitched, otherwise there will be any good news in the market, and the first system is the most shocking.

To solve a trade war, there will be a resilience. If China and Hong Kong become a city of glass, wait for it to fall into pieces and become a piece of debris. The first round of 50 billion US dollars of goods received 25% tariffs, the second round of 200 billion US dollars of goods received 10%, did not increase to 25%, did not cover all the 500 billion US dollars of Chinese exports to the United States, has made the Chinese and Hong Kong stock market and the economy scream. Is the tariff itself hitting the Chinese and Hong Kong stock markets, or is China prepared to deal with tariffs and squandering the stock market? Or, is the trade war detonating the economic problems of China and Hong Kong, and the market reflects the future economic situation? If it is the latter, it proves that the economy of China and Hong Kong is quite fragile, and a tariff has pierced the economic bubble.

The United States can find it tolerant, according to Ray Dalio, the dollar and the US debt will be big in two years. Americans have enough freedom of speech to sing the future of their country, even if there is a conflict of interest, holding a short position and so on. If the channel is estimated correctly, and the family is only waiting for the first time. Only the world is globalized, and the US dollar debt is exploding. Do you estimate that it is only the United States? That is to say, even if China and Hong Kong have won this trade war, they may not be able to survive the future US dollar US debt. Pessimism is lingering in the next two years, and everyone is sitting steady.

Country Garden (02007) Jiangxi sold the house at a reduced price, causing the early entry into the market to lose money, causing turmoil. Looking at the official, the Hong Kong government has a high price in the Japanese, and the developers are hoarding and selling toothpaste. If you try to scare the developers to sell the building at 30% off tomorrow, they will be happy and happy, or they will jump over the building.

In the past two years, the number of families who bought a lot of money at a high price has exceeded 30,000. In the event that the developer cuts the price by 30%, the 30,000 families will lose money immediately. It may not be a negative asset, but the feeling of losing money is uncomfortable. It really becomes a slave and is tied by 500 baht. Property prices fell by 30%, all local credits contracted immediately, silver paper supply decreased, and interest rates naturally rose. Do you think that property prices are falling off? And the family’s economic bloody battle, if the property price falls, you have bought it and went to the building. The predecessors hope that their own development will be expected to fall in the price of the property, still use.