National Day property market is quiet, “Golden September and Silver 10″ is no longer

During the National Day holiday in the Mainland, some hot-selling cities have launched holiday discounts, but the number of many buildings is not as good as before, and the market is generally light. According to the analysis, “Golden September and Silver 10″ (that is, the traditional sales season in September and October) is no longer available.

Real estate push discounts, but only a small number of people watching

According to the “China Securities Journal" reported that in the Guanshan Lake District of Guiyang City, due to the introduction of discount activities during the National Day, the sales manager said that the sales situation has improved; a real estate salesman in the North Third Ring Road of Xi’an said that many people during the National Day Going to travel, so there are fewer people looking at the room.

According to the Securities Times, the opening price of a number of restricted competition rooms (limited price, competitive price) in Beijing has been lower than the government price limit or the eleven-period time limit.

The statistics of the Central Plains Real Estate Research Center show that the overall property market of the National Day holiday is stable, and the market is gradually showing a high level of decline. From the data of typical city network signing (completed relevant transaction tax order and publicity), Beijing set new homes 55 days before the National Day, 55 sets of second-hand residential network signing, 37 sets of second-hand residential net signing; 553 sets of newly built residential buildings in Shanghai, 583 sets of Guangzhou, Shenzhen 191 set. Overall, compared with the 2017 National Day period, there has been a rise and fall, and the first-tier cities have continued their downturn for more than one year.