623 million for Wang + for management fee accounted for more than half of income

Tseung Kwan O Tsuen Ling Tsuen HS Building a total of 9 units 3 large units sold for more than 6 million yuan. Families on the bus should pay attention to subscribing for the units or failing to borrow 90% of the mortgage. If they can only build 80% of the mortgage, they must pay the first phase of over $ 1.2 million.

Some mortgage experts remind the public to calculate clearly their repayment ability.

The Tuen Mun Tsui Ming Terrace and Tsui Ling Peak Project have been guaranteed a maximum of 30% mortgage loan guarantee by the Housing Society. Coupled with the provision of the HKMA, banks can make a maximum of 60% of the mortgages. That is, the boarding passengers are expected to incur up to 90% of the mortgage loans. However, Need to pass the bank stress test. However, if we test “fat man", we may not be able to get on the bus and need to pay more initial runs to pass the test.

To the most expensive 6230000 yuan unit projections, if by 9 into the mortgage, the contribution period of 25 years, 2.15% per annum calculated for more than 24000 yuan per month. Even if two or more families apply for a ceiling of $ 52,000 per month, contributions make up 46.5% of the total income. If an additional management fee of $ 4 is taken at about $ 2,700 per sq ft, it already accounts for over 50% of the total income.

Central Plains Mortgage Brokerage Managing Director Wang Meifeng said the HS is different from the HOS housing HOS, the bank may not be fully guaranteed mortgages, banks need to bear the buyer some bad debt risk, so the stress test of the HS Building, the Housing Authority HOS estate is more rigorous. According to her understanding, contributions accounted for about 43% of the income, is expected to pass the stress test.

Tsui Ling peak large unit or need to pay the first phase

In other words, if you want to pass the stress test, if the applicant earns $ 52,000 and you want to buy another $ 6.23 million, you will have to pay more for the first installment. If the initial payment of 2%, or $ 1,240,000, will be reduced to 41.3% of the total income on the same terms of contribution and interest rate, the parties are expected to board the bus. Wang Meifeng reminded prospective buyers to be clear ability to make contributions, only to buy units.