Lin Cheng clarified that 800,000 public housing units have been built with a non-capped ceiling to raise public anxiety and apologize for the benefits of “long-term policy."

In a press interview last week, Chief Executive Sir Jeong Yue E proposed for the first time last week that the number of public rental housing units to be raised from 760,000 to 800,000 in the future has been sufficient to cater for the needs of grass-roots families. In the past few days, the number of public rental flats has been “capped" and rebounded. Yesterday, she took the initiative to clarify that 800,000 are the present figures and are not the target or limit of the number of public housing units. She stressed that there will be “unabated growth" in the number of flats to be built compared with the long-term housing strategy. Lam just apologizes for his anxiety caused by his argument.

Before yesterday morning’s appearance at the Executive Council, Mr Lam volunteered to draw figures on the 800,000 public rental housing units. She said the policy address has made it clear that housing supply will be based on the long-term housing strategy and will try its best to increase the unit on this basis. “The production of flats will only increase compared to the" long-term policy “, so there is absolutely no such thing as" “Going Number" or not respecting the target set for “long policy."

Green House number no hard targets

She emphasized that the policy address made it clear that the Government’s commitment to reducing the waiting time for public housing depends on the construction of multi-housing units. It will also help able-to-do tenants to buy flats and increase the supply of “Green Home". She reiterated that “Habitat for Green" is one-for-one with vacant public housing units and will not reduce the number of public housing units allocated to families on the Waiting List.

As for the number of new public housing units to be built in the future, how many have replaced the public rental housing with “green houses"? Lam just still has to submit the review and assessment to the Housing Authority and there are no hard targets.

She said during the visit last week that the number of public rental flats was 800,000. She explained that this is an existing figure of 000 public rental flats. Together with an overall figure for increasing the number of public rental flats in the coming years, " Therefore, it can be said that the (800,000) figure is a current number and it is neither a goal nor a limit. “She pointed out that with the current waiting list and time in public housing, 800,000 rental units are certainly not enough. However, when the home improvement ladder improves, As well as the availability of certain public housing units, they may meet the demand for primary housing.

Mrs Lam admitted that simplifying the formulation of housing issues would make it more difficult for society to grasp it. “When I spoke in the media’s one-hour visit, I told many minutes that the relatively complicated concept was simplistic and even unfortunate that digitization caused I apologize for the unnecessary anxiety of the general public. "

With developers to build the first home plate

Lam later made a speech at a business luncheon with a laugh. He said with laughter recently that the public housing supply speech “made himself into trouble," but his character would not sidestep the challenge in the face of the challenge. She also mentioned that the “Policy Address" announced the first car-on-plate affixed to Hong Kong people and reiterated that it would not offer land premium concessions to co-operate with private developers for the construction of a “first home plate."

Mrs Lam also stated that land requisitioned for the development of public housing will definitely not be used for the construction of “first tranche" of land. Therefore, the land source of the first tranche will be the land owned by private developers. She said as long as the developer’s annual report All know that they have land reserves, so the problem of whereabouts is not hard to solve. Lin Zheng believes that the real challenge is to have the community have consensus to overcome political difficulties and to handle the collusion between officials and businessmen. The government will continue to communicate with different stakeholders.

Democrat Tu-Shen questioned the fact that yesterday, Lam just explained “strategic withdrawal" and wanted to cool his speech but failed to recover the figure of 800,000 public rental housing units. He said that Lin’s remark in his visit was obviously well thought out and urged her to sincerely listen to popular opinion and rethink the issue.

KCRC welcomed Mrs Lam’s announcement that there is no cap on the amount of PRH flats to be built. However, I hope the Government will honor its promise of “waiting 3 hours for public housing" to realize the goal of public housing construction on the basis of long-term policy.