Tseung Kwan O Data Center Land Price 5 years higher 4 times

Tseung Kwan O Data Center Land Price 5 years higher 4 times

In line with the strategy of the Dawan District, the government actively promoted the development of the Science and Technology Department. The data center of the Tseung Kwan O Data Center was acquired by Xinyi Net (01686) and the next city was over RMB 5.4 billion. The land price per square foot was 4,500 yuan, 5 years ago. The first data is 4 times higher.

Xinyi.com has a net profit of 5.4 billion yuan.

There are currently 13 high-end data centers operating in the Tseung Kwan O area. The data center is located exclusively at the Environmental Protection Avenue in Area 85 of Tseung Kwan O and east of Phase 2 of Sunrise City. It covers an area of ​​about 295,000 square feet. The site closed a total of 9 tenders on Friday, including Asian Thread, Jiaming (01271) and Xinzhi (00083), etc., which was finally awarded by Xinyi.com with a maximum of 126 million. Calculated by square ,, the land price per square foot is 4,500 yuan, and the upper limit is 45%.

The same area on the previous special site, is located next to the land, in October 2013 by Xinyi.com with 428 million yuan, 490 yuan per square foot floor price, has now developed into MEGA Plus, winning the floor Land prices are four times higher than they were five years ago.

Coordinated development with neighboring buildings

Xinyi.com CEO Tang Guojiang said that the transaction price of the land is reasonable, which also marks the company’s confidence in the local market. The site will play a synergistic effect with the adjacent MEGA Plus large data center. Together with other MEGA Campus data centers, I believe it will further Enhance the company’s market leadership position and actively respond to the government’s policy of investing in innovative technology to develop Hong Kong into a world-class technology innovation center and consolidate the status of Asia’s information and communications technology hub.

In addition to the secondary land, the Group won a total of $726 million in the industrial area of ​​Ma On Street in Tsuen Wan in January this year. It is suitable for the development of data centres. It has a total of 5 data centres in Hong Kong and holds nearly 2.9 million square feet of development floor. .

Xiao Lianghui, managing director of DTZ, said that there are only a few industrial warehouses with potential for data center use. The three industrial villages have stopped selling land for construction of related facilities, and the supply is even tighter. The data center building has to install a large number of electrical and mechanical equipment, which will take up a large floor area and increase the total construction cost. It is estimated that the sub-soil can accommodate 14,000 to 1.6 servo cabinets, which can meet the East Kowloon area in the next few years. Demand.

Senior surveyor Zhang Zhichu believes that the data center has high profitability. With reference to the current data operators, this type of revenue can reach 11 to 57% per year. In addition, there is a strategic development in the future of Dawan District, and local related industries have demand for Internet big data. The eagerness, when the residential property is going downhill, the data center is relatively defensive, attracting the consortium to bid at a high price.